Thursday, 9 November 2017

Debenhams Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Halloween and Bonfire Night is over which can only mean one thing... the yuletide season is ready and waiting to be appreciated and saluted at full capacity. 

Once November approaches us it's impossible to avoid the 8 letter word whether you're an absolute scrooge or an ultimate advocate for all things extra festive.


I don't know how we got to a place where the word is literally embedded into the brain with a star shaped speech bubble. I don't know where the year went and I certainly don't know how my bank account is going to hold out over the next month. However, there is chance - because deal site Codesium published today a new storewide Debenhams discount code for you to utilise. If you use the code (YF23) you'll get 10% off £50, which means buying in bulk just got better. The promotion is live now through Sunday 12th!

I haven't started buying presents yet, haven't even thought about what I'll be buying if I'm honest but I think it's about time I get my thinking cap on, start making lists and get my shopping done and dusted before I'm stressing out a week before with a recurring urgency for those indulgent gifts to be wrapped, labelled, and placed under the tree.

I much prefer online shopping opposed to facing both the manic crowds pushing and shoving and the disappointment at the lack of stock choice left on the raided shelves. It's simpler, you can sit back and relax in the warmth of your own home, and most importantly, there's often those discount codes lying around to help you save some well valued cash.

Another priority in the journey of laying down the groundwork, browsing, then eventually buying, is the versatility of the variety available. How much easier is it to collectively gather up the goods rather than heading off in different directions and singularly purchasing from alternate sites? It means you'll save a heck of a lot of time and feel smugly satisfied at your ability to polish off the shopping at an impressive speed.

This is where Debenhams comes in for me kicking off my gift guides. An all time favourite of mine that naturally becomes paradise at Christmas! As a multi-channel brand there's a wide range of everything for everyone but today I've decided to focus on for her because females are always the most unchallenging to buy for and that's just hardcore facts (plus it panders to my audience, I've got you girls.)

Makeup, skincare, and perfume sets are always the first and foremost go to gift because you really can't have enough. It's common knowledge that most of us go through obscene amounts of cosmetics throughout the year so to stock up at the end of the year and receive as a gift in a pretty box is the perfect solution! 

Underwear never goes amiss, especially a luxury set that you can pick up in the designer departments. 

Novelty gifts such as character socks and quirky mugs are always guaranteed to provoke a smiley reaction from your loved one and they're super inexpensive as well as relatable. 

Pyjamas. Purses. Notebooks. Watches. The atypical and quintessential mum and grandma gifts but those that never get dull or repetitive. You always go to bed, you always have to store and reach for your money, you always need to keep track of the time, and (especially as a blogger) you always need to write the necessary ramblings down on paper. 

CANDLES. GIVE ME THEM ALL. Christmas is the ideal time for my obsession to be justifiable and it makes me happy that I won't be judged for burning 10 at a time because it's Christmas and that's what you do. The Yankee Candle sets are timeless and the festive themed diffusers seem to be on the horizon, too. I don't know anybody who's never grateful for candles, to be quite honest. I mean how can you grumble when every room in your house will smell divine?!

Then there's alcohol and food - most significantly champagne and chocolates. Not only pleasing to look at in all their decoration but there to ensure carousing is at its best. As soon as the present is opened you can pop open the bottle, pour a glass, and enjoy with some sugar to top up the already over-fed stomach.

13 potential gifts that certainly aren't unlucky thanks to generous discounts and accumulative hauls.


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