Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Wednesday Wishlist: Slogan Tee Trend

I've never been a casual dresser. For me, it's either a pre-prepared coordinating outfit with classic style at the forefront, or nothing, but lately I've been swayed over to the mantra that you can be comfortable and casual yet still hold plenty of character and quirk in your attire for the day. Slogan tees are everywhere at the moment. I don't suppose they've ever been out of fashion but now they're part of the fashion that allows you to chuck on a t-shirt effortlessly whilst still making a statement.

Slogan tees really give me a flashback of nostalgia to the 90s where brand logos were the bomb. I love the efficacious vibe they give as that one strip of  block quote writing or funky design strikes attention. You really can't go wrong with the fail-safe combination of jeans and a tee and the fact you can mix and match makes the concept even better. What's great about a basic tee is the versatility; left to an open and adventurous mind it can become anything you desire. A chic get up paired with sunglasses and a designer handbag, a layer for a contrasting, heavily printed blazer or jacket, or just simply a plain duo of a white tee and black trousers. No matter what your style, they really are the ultimate starter pack for any wardrobe!

Are slogan tees your thing? Where's your favourite place to shop for them?

Bridie x


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