Friday, 10 March 2017

Guest Post: Jewellery Trends of 2017

Are you a jewellery lover? Do you find yourself hovering over to the finery section when you're out shopping or thinking about the latest piece of bling to enhance an outfit opposed to the clothing itself? Then you'll love today's post kindly written by the lovely Beth.

Jewellery Trends of 2017:
Keeping up to date with the latest jewellery trends is just as important as keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Jewellery can be the perfect way to complete your outfit, but it can also be the undoing of your whole look. So when selecting your jewellery this year here are a few tips to keep in mind..

Hoops are making a comeback:
Hoop earrings are an accessory that could survive the style apocalypse, they are minimalistic, versatile and can tie any outfit together. This year hoops are making a comeback with a twist! Spring and Summer are going to see a heavy influence on tribal patterns and bold colours, so in honour of the upcoming style, hoop earrings have had a makeover. Our beloved hoops have been jazzed up with intricate, tribal inspired patterns that have a real festival feel to them.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend:
Diamonds are a timeless classic that will forever be in style. Having a little bit of sparkle on your wrist, fingers or neck really does make you feel extra special. Everybody should have an elegant piece of jewellery that makes their whole look go to a 10/10! Brands like Diamonds of Choice are bringing a touch of elegance to fashion this year. Just remember, when wearing diamonds less is sometimes more and always go for quality over quantity!

Think big and bold:
This year is going to be an ongoing celebration of culture and style, so there is going to be a heavy focus on tribal patterns, chunky XXL beads, and intricate designs that will turn heads wherever you go. Brands like Thomas Sabo are set to make waves with their new jewellery collections that are going to encompass the upcoming style perfectly. 

Minimalist design has massively grown in popularity over the passing years, it has infiltrated our homes, our favourite places to go and it’s even infiltrated our wardrobes. Minimalist jewellery is a really cool way of expressing style without drawing too much attention from your outfit. This year expect to see a lot of people sporting simple and beautiful rings and necklaces that express a lot by showing a little. A great jewellery style tip this year is to stack your rings and have a mix of midi rings to really turn your fingers into works of art.

Jewellery is a great way of expressing personal style, and this year there are lots of style options for you to choose from. Whether you want to show a little bit of class and elegance with diamonds, or let your wacky and playful side show with bold statement jewellery, 2017 has got you covered!

What's your jewellery preference?

Bridie x


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