Sunday, 29 January 2017

Delving Back Into Style

I can't even recall the last time I braced the brisk outdoors; partnered with the inquisitive passers by, the inescapable interruptions and the sarky stares, to shoot on outfit location - that's how long it's been. Typically, the day I decided to venture to my local park the weather wasn't on my side. Dark, gloomy, and a lack of natural glare to compliment my not so magnificent camera but the main point was - I loved diving back into the world of style and my impetuous wardrobe for the first time in what feels like forever.

I've not been high up in the fashion frow for a while now. I enjoy the concept; the everyday switch up, the pattern of expressing yourself and playing around with different trends and signature appearances to show off the distinctive side of your personal tastes but I've not been upping my game recently for various reasons. 1) There's no spare money aside for me to be buying all the latest must have pieces, 2) I feel I've lost myself along the way, and 3) I've been stuck in a style rut now for months on end.

I can't afford to be wearing a mixed batch of clothing for every day of the week, nor do I retain the inspiration to do that. I can rifle through Pinterest and Instagram, make a beeline for my favourite bloggers and their well appointed class, take notes and base my outfit of the day upon their fine eye for grace but if I'm not digging the way I look, then it's just not going to work. Thankfully I do have one or two pieces that make me feel confident, bad ass and winning at the effortless winter facade, and they're the ones that I can vary on a regular basis to add some profundity to the recurrent attire - as well as bringing me back to the surface and giving me the readied push to take on the driven couture. 

Luckily the stark trees, the fallen and corroded leaves and bogged up pathways made the idyllic background for the vibe I was putting across. Damp and dismal but with a reflection of how you can rock that unpleasant chill. This First & I faux fur jacket has been an absolute staple over the December - January period (in fact, I've never had it off) both sporting comfort and class and in the perfect swarthy brown meets orchid colour. Sticking with the cocoa tones, I combined an old, revamped collection of basics - a Primark pyjama shirt with a metallic twist, H&M mini tasselled shoulder bag, Stradivarius snakeskin ankle boots and the ultimate pair of culotte trousers from trusty ol' Boohoo that allow that relaxed silhouette and can be teamed with elegance or an androgynous feel. My favourite get up of the season!

I suppose what I'm trying to get across amidst the poses and the visuals is that it doesn't make a difference if you don't have access to the latest technology, the opulent wardrobe filled with extensive luxe or the superior photographer; if you find the inner motive to get out there again and showcase your style and feel as though you can take a step forward into the land of sartorial representation with the added benefits of jubilation and just a tiny bit (okay, a lot) of upheaval then go ahead and do it. Do you and you only.
Bridie x


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