Sunday, 25 December 2016

What Is Christmas Really About?

Merry Christmas, everyone! I feel like I should follow on with a predictive 'I hope it's filled with everything you could possibly wish for and you receive everything you asked for' message but this year, more than ever, I believe Christmas time stretches far beyond the materialism and the desperate need to acquire the latest propaganda. Not that I have anything against people being given the most luxurious gifts with love and appreciation - no way. More than anything, I love to see the gratitude ooze as I have a nosy with heart eyes at the social media posts but that's far from the point I wanted to make in today's post. 

People get so hung up on what to buy present wise. I've experienced fretting and stressing first hand more times than I can count but this year's hit me harder. Every year we as a family state we won't 'go as mad' only to end up doubling the amount out of sheer habit - but this year has had to be different. My mum has less money than she did this time last year and I can sense just how much that's bothered her as she constantly cross-questions with "is that enough?", "I hope you're happy with what I've got you". No matter how many times I inform and reassure her on positive terms that anything she blesses me with, including herself, is more than enough, there'll always be that guilt because of the expectancy and it got me thinking, aside from the gift of giving, just what is Christmas really about through the eyes of mankind?

It's about fervour, faith, and family. It's about celebrating the season of happiness. It's about sharing goodwill. It's about being kind. It's about sending out festive vibes and wishes as the clock strikes midnight. It's about reciting Noddy Holder's "IT'S CHRISTMAASSS" at the top of your lungs, all day. It's about setting the table to festive perfection. It's about pulling crackers and creating a buzz over the lame prizes and jokes. It's about wearing that paper hat no matter how daft you feel. It's about stuffing your face. It's about the mention of how pigs in blankets should be an all year round treat. It's about feeling sick but still reaching for the after party nibbles. It's about helping those in need. It's about being thankful for your privileges. It's about beliefs. It's about the joy on a child's face as they tear open the presents Santa delivered. It's about the hugs and the kisses. It's about happy tears. And sad tears. It's about remembering your loved ones who can't be around but are with you in spirit. It's about the ugly Christmas jumpers. It's about the glitter and sparkles. It's about the drunken uncle who falls asleep halfway through the day. It's about the new socks. It's about the traditions. It's about the photographs to keep forever. It's about repeatedly watching Love Actually and Home Alone without judgement. It's about playing rubbish board games. It's about the frantic finding of batteries and bin liners. It's about the empty wrappers being put back into the tin. It's about the smell of freshly baked cookies, a roast dinner and blown out candles. It's about reuniting. Its about the nature of harmony. It's about witnessing the smiles as you exchange offerings. It's about the chit chat. It's about the gatherings. It's about great revelry. It's about warm cockles. It's about the treasured moments. It's about being completely exhausted at the end of the day but looking back with glee and humour. It's about thinking of those who are alone. It's about cherishing the ones you hold close. It's about what's around the table not under the tree. It's about love. It's about hope. It's about magic. It's about what matters to you the most.

What defines Christmas for you? Hope you all have the most wonderful day.

Bridie x


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