Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: The 2016 Christmas Jumper Edit

Only 11 days to go until the big man dashes down the chimney (or in unfortunate adult terms: 11 days until the Christmas madness begins and everything you've stressed yourself silly over for the past month or so is over in one pinnacle moment). December is going scarily fast and in all honesty, I'm so under prepared this year! I'd usually have the presents wrapped, the cards posted and the outfit ready and waiting but I'm still kind of at a point where I fail to believe the year's nearly over and I'm underestimating how much time is left. 

The Christmas jumper front seems to be letting the team down this year, too. I remember when I used to be spoilt for choice but I've found it difficult to find one I'm really fond of on my hunt down compared to last year's edit. In fact, I've found the men's and kid's department have a vast choice compared to the ladies and the best kind of fugliness you desire for that merry event is headed in their direction. However, I have picked out some of my most rated that I wanted to share with you in this (late night) wishlist in case you need a spot of last minute buying of that festive knit that makes people from all angles turn their heads and admire the ultimate fierce festiveness. From fun novelty with a bombardment of bold slogans, to cute and cheesy, glitzy and lustrous, and even the characterised traditional fairisle print - if you want to slide right in beside your family and form a line of over indulged and drunken (on either food or drink) folk squished together rocking that Rudolph life then I've got'chu. 

What's your ideal Christmas jumper?Have you got yours yet?

Bridie x


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