Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Pink Is The New Black

Pink is high on the list of catwalk trends this season, in fact it was voted colour of the year in everything so there's no doubt about it when I shout to the rooftops about how all my neutral dreams have come true at once. I've always had a soft spot for the typical feminine hue and I'm an advocate for balancing your own personal tastes with all the rage so as winter rolls in and the days are getting darker, how can you say no to throwing a quirky pop of colour within the gloominess. 

Admittedly, I worry that I'll end up mimicking Cher in Clueless or end up transporting to the Pink Lady Grease days but I think pink is a shade everyone can get involved in and on-board with no matter what your vibe or style, especially as the range on the scale isn't just a solitary fix. You have your brights and your flamingo pinks to the softer tones; the dusty, baby and light pastel pinks - the kind you can incorporate and inject into some minimalism to spark alive. What I love about the current craze for pink is that it also follows on with the key trend designs (the ruffles, the velvet, the pleats, the fur, the shearling etc etc) as well as throwing it back to the archives and reinventing the 60s, 70s and even 80s. Whether you like the plain preen or the quirky stature, the basic daytime girlishness, the evening party season or the workable grunge - there's something rosy for everybody on the general high street and beyond! 

Have you brought pink into your wardrobe yet?

Bridie x


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