Thursday, 10 November 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: A Faux Fur Dream

It seems we've rapidly reached the harsh spell of winter that takes you with a vengeance randomly through the October-December months and then vanishes as quickly as it arrives. There's no doubt everyone (especially those who are based up North) have felt the effect of the drastic temperature drop since November raked in and realistically we haven't even had the chance to swap our lightweight jackets for the full on fluff. This week saw our first batch of subtle snow and of course the over reactions and weather warnings followed but that wasn't the only thing - out came the layers that are enough to face the freeze with our bodies warm and snug and our face just about 

I'm a secret lover of huge faux fur garments (because material made to resemble fur is the acceptable component when it comes to style), I complain about being bustled up when I enter a shop with the heating raised to a maximum but I enjoy the cosiness and the way coats, scarves, hats, bags and even shoes come in a diverse range of prints, cuts, colours and designs for you to pair with your favourite staples. Often enough just one single purchase can become the talk of the town - I find luxury faux fur with an obvious bold statement always prompts those compliments from strangers. It never goes off trend, it can bring out the best of an outfit and that's exactly what you need when you're stuck in a seasonal rut. It's a little tough for me as I've realised every time I say hello to my faux fur coats, I also say hello to the sneezes, the itchy eyes and the dry throat. Faux fur idolisation becomes less fun when your over sensitive system somehow has a small allergy but does it stop me? Hell no. I'm gonna rock that faux fur right up until the blossom flourishes and replaces the empty branches on the trees!

Are you a faux fur lover?

Bridie x


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