Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Mad For Metallic

Traditional metallic tones are all the rage this season. I've not done my annual autumn shop where I swap my summer garments for some minimal pieces that will take me through the blustery season but that doesn't mean I'm not aware of what's hitting the displays, the catwalks and luring me in with its prettiness (after-all most of my time is spent lusting over a new wardrobe because I get easily bored and worked up.) 

From the bold prints, to the shiny, to the patent, the touch of glitter and of course my ultimate favourite weakness - pointed boots with iridescent gold and silver colouring. I'm totally digging the metallic trend and I think the darkened lustre of metal really fits in with the typical theme of autumn, just with that added opportunity to expand the elegance. People may say you'll end up looking like you're wrapped in tinfoil but I say why the hell not.

Have you succumbed to this trend, yet?

Bridie x


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