Thursday, 29 September 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Zara New Season

(A day late again, I know, I'm a failure.
I don't know what it is about Zara but through every seasonal transition comes an ample need to dedicate half of my day browsing the temptation surrounding the mobile app and mentally spending around £500+ before I even get past the new in section. Now it's officially autumn, it's perfectly acceptable to get excited about adding to the substantial ankle boot collection and clearing the wardrobe out ready to pile more coats I'll spend the majority of the time staring at opposed to actually wearing them, right? Zara never let me down on their part, in fact once the darker tones come into force I forget all about the sleeveless garments and the revealed pins and crave nothing but gloomy nights, the chill in the air and the opportunity to feast on the fall shades of red, brown, rust, grey, black (obvs) and even some white amongst the contrasting. 

It doesn't take much research to discover what the hot trends are this A/W. Think metallics, bold floral, detailed bodysuits, staple jackets and return of the ruffles. Each and every one tickles my taste buds and I'm already championing the warmer hues along with the relaxed but classic feel Zara give off in their sartorial sector. I could have chosen several more items but I thought twenty-something would be quite enough to usher your spending habits forward - and those dreamboat star print boots alone are enough to trigger any footwear fetish! What are you digging this season?

Bridie x

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