Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Feeling The Notebook Love

Nope, not the film. Although I could cry just as much trawling through pages of dreamy stationery but end on a happy note (no pun intended) instead of bearing my soul towards nature taking its cause. If there's ever an acceptable time for me to bring my notebook addiction out of habitation, it's the start of a new term where I can pass it off as a back to school starter pack although I'm 23 years of age and just hold a strong passion for collecting pretty journals for the sake of it. I would say I use them for a wise purpose of jotting my ideas, random thoughts and insightful content down on paper but most of the time they're placed up on a shelf or next to makeup products as a final piece for the perfect insta photo because they're just so decorative. 

I'm a sucker for the notebooks with the inspirational life quotes placed on the front, the cliche pinterest styles that you'd see inanimately laid out on a bright white desk next to an apple mac, the latest perfume and a cactus plant. The pink, the gold, the marble and the geometric designs are another weak spot of mine, as are the quirky types you can have a giggle at how well they describe the current situation. It's amazing how portraying a hardback block of paper can be, isn't it? I should probably stop talking before you consider me insane but enjoy my picks, and I hope they come in handy if you're thinking of investing in more. I know I am! Oops.

Where's your favourite place to shop for stationery?

Bridie x

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