Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Guide To The Perfect A/W Coat

The temperature may be above average for this time of year, the sun may be shining, and the nights spent hunting for that cold spot in a bustled bed but it doesn't stop me thinking about autumn/winter, the new season fashion that follows and an investment worth having. It seems strange searching for the coat - the one that instantly wows you and grates on your every attached move as you can't do anything but think about the versatile ways of styling until you've gone ahead and bought it - especially when I'm sat here pining for air but to be truthfully honest, I'm so tired of being so damn warm all the time. Okay summer, I appreciate the blessing of your late arrival, but give me thick layers beneath a desire for snugness, give me crunchy golden leaves and a touch of frost, give me enough ankle boots to open a pop up shop and flick off as my tired feet walk through the front door to a blazing fire and a cup of hot chocolate. Give me it all.

My favourite duty once September rolls in is investigating the trends hitting the high streets. There's nothing like a new coat to pinpoint the start of autumn/winter - the only problem being I never know where to begin because there's just so much distinctive choice. Personally I like to stick with the comfortable neutral staples; the lighter colours with simple detail but that's just me and there's something out there to suit everyone's individual tastes. Whether you're a faux fur lover, an effortlessly casual, a relaxed fit kinda gal, willing to risk the print, or one of those lucky souls that can pull off a heavily oversized maxi piece - hopefully my straight forward guide will give you an idea on what's ready and available... even if if we are having some kinda crazy heatwave.

Shop the coats: 

Which design tickles your fancy?

Bridie x

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