Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: My Current River Island Loves

To my horror, there's only one day left of August but to my shameful need to shop for and embrace next season's trends as soon as any sign of the blustery air and darker nights swing by, well I'm in my element. I'm so bored of my current wardrobe, not just because the weather can't make its mind up so every morning I'm stood senselessly in front of my double doors with a baffled expression surfacing but because I'm lacking serious creativity at the moment and I need a serious revamp from no jacket to the jacket, from a sleeveless blouse to a long sleeved shirt and from sandals to bad ass boots. 

I've mentioned it before (most probably at a similar time of year and the time before that) but autumn at River Island is where the jackpot hits. I never seem to spend any dollar in there for the rest of the year but a quick, impulsive window shop on one rainy evening and that's it, I've struck gold. The pieces I've picked are so typically me and do further intertwine with all the rage at the moment; pyjama style cuts, plushy bomber jackets, a complete collection of quirky embroidery and badges, mesh, metallic and floral. They're all garments I can see replacing my current attire that I'm bound to be rolling my eyes at right now as you read my rambles.

Have you got a favourite place to browse and plan your A/W wardrobe?

Bridie x

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