Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: 20 Chokers Under £10

Remember the day you were seen as cool for turning up at school in the span of the 90's with a stretchy piece of black material around your neck? Fast forward a fair few years and it's become all the rage; no longer are you this individual to be worshipped as you lead the way during hopscotch, but instead you're just one of many following the steps of style.

I never thought I'd latch on to the choker trend, for a start off I hated the idea of feeling like I'm suffocating with the lack of freedom around my neck but here we are, my collection is building with those majestic chains and I've become familiar with the fit and the way I can work them into my versatile outfit choice. I love the variety in the shops at the moment; from your casual grunge to the classier formal pieces, to the different prints and textures and fine details that allow your to collar to hog the spotlight. You don't have to stick to the ordinary (although you could if you're that sort of person), and you don't have to break the bank either. Chokers are such a great, diverse extra to show off the bare clavicular area and they're an effortless way to step up your game. 

Although a day late (my timing is terrible lately, please allow me a moment to stumble upon my inner drive), I've displayed twenty of my favourite picks from the high street you can get your mits on at an affordable price with the click of a button. Let me know if any of them take your fancy!

Are you digging the choker trend?

Bridie x

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