Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Gemporia - 10 jewellery pieces under £50

I've never been a huge fan of lots of jewellery; I aren't the person who was born to pull off the bulk load of heavy chains and crowded fingers, nor do I think it suits my image (and trust me, I'm pretty picky when it comes to matching accessories to my sartorial choices). Fix me up with some dainty pieces that don't necessarily hold a profuse amount of character but are simple, delicate and complimenting against versatile style and you have me eagle eyed and ready to pounce. That's why, when I was contacted by Gemporia - a brand I'd seen floating around the blogosphere from time to time - I was delighted to get on board with their various collections, the range of natural, genuine gemstone and metal focused creations, and all at reasonably affordable prices, too. 

As I know often the lack of money problem can become a blockage in your path to owning beautiful jewellery, today's wishlist is based around my top ten picks from the Gemporia website which are all under £50. Who says you have to spend hundreds on a unique treasure that will carry you through the longer years? I'm in love with the detail that is implemented in Gemporia jewellery; the precious diamonds (the kind you can really show off with a sparkle), the stunning designs and their original, ethical purpose. Whether silver, gold or even colour encrusted, there's an overwhelming choice you'll be lusting over as you contemplate whether the 20 tabs you have open is even considered acceptable.

Jewellery is an important factor in life, not an essential and hey not to everybody's tastes but for me, an extra comfort. I hate the thought of a bare neck area when wearing low cut garments, I think a bracelet can add that finishing touch, plain ears without my earrings (even if they are just studs) give me the shudders and I'd feel like I'd lost a limb if I walked out of the house forgetting to put my rings on. For me, rings are a favourite. There's just something about them that screams out classy and sentimental. Usually I end up heading to Primark for my basic jewellery but with Gemporia you get the quality, a one of a kind piece, you can trick people into thinking you've splurged and most significantly, you can avoid the after effects of green body parts!  

Have you shopped at Gemporia before? What's your kind of statement jewellery?

Bridie x

*this is a gifted collaboration 

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