Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Matalan Mania

If you're familiar with total insta babes, then you'll be in the know about Megan. She's my total style inspiration (and envy) throughout every season - boho, street, quirky, classic, androgynous with feminine accents, unique - and each piece she displays is killer and distinctive to her personal tastes. She ain't afraid to mix and match, rework previous pieces and inject some character into a casual outfit and that's why I love her approach so much. When scrolling through my news feed (as you do, every minute of the day, even when you have lots to do), she once again caught my eye with a combo perfect for the afternoon sunshine. Of course I was instantly a woman on a mission determined to find out where I could find the pieces and attempt to rock them as well as Megan does, and to my surprise both the stripe shorts and cold shoulder blouse were from Matalan. Yep, you heard right, MATALAN.

I haven't shopped in there for years. In fact I don't think I've entered there for any reason but grandma accompaniment and that's what always put me off. It's stereo-typically classed as the middle aged meets old lady store and isn't your usual place to choose a capsule wardrobe from. I love, however, when a hidden treasure rises from the ground and proves you wrong. My first job was in my local Matalan and when I was sixteen going on seventeen baby, it's time to thinnnnk I remember slaving away behind the tills eyeing up the new stock congregated at the front of the store and making a mental note of what I needed to buy once I'd finished my shift. Back then, it fit in with my youthful style but as I grew so did my picky preferences and I found myself losing interest. Fast forward to 2016 and there's a great improvement. They're up to date with the latest trends, have enrolled the modern celebs into their collections, and I can certainly say I'm lustful over more than just a set of towels and a photo frame. 

My stand out features have to be the bag in such a plush, subtle teal colour, the delicate stripes, the lightweight feel of the blouses and the beautifully detailed dress which would be ideal for any occasion. As bombers are still a huge fad, the basic grey over jacket would be the staple starter and the lace ups would be a less luxe but more affordable and just as flattering version of the Aquazzura flats. I guess it's true what they say, you should never judge a book by it's cover. Bravo, Matalan!

Have you rediscovered an overlooked shopping destination lately?

Bridie x

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