Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: My Updated Makeup Covets

To say I've had an intensely emotional couple of days is the reserved rollercoaster way of describing it. I've had such an overwhelming response to me unravelling my most personal story to date and I'm still reeling on all the kind, supportive and heartfelt positivity from not only the blogging community, but the ones I'd shied away from before. Now it's out there, it's like a weight has been lifted and I generally feel more at ease with myself and my online residence. I've been so caught up in thanking everyone for their unfeigned wishes, so much so that I completely forgot May has expeditiously fizzled out to June - a cold, rainy, miserable start to my birthday month and most importantly, the month my holiday abroad begins. Now we're officially on the 1st (pinch punch and all that), the countdown has began and the frantically ticking off of my 'what cosmetics do I need to take away with me' list is the replacement foundation (pun intended) in my overridden mind.

A holiday isn't a holiday without new makeup, right? If I was to say I'm not constantly lusting over beauty products then I'd most certainly be lying but when guaranteed hot sunshine, relaxation and a golden tan is on the horizon, my yearning increases lavishly. When I think holidays I think light bases, a healthy glow, rosy cheeks, bright nails, natural complexions and an inharmonious choice between a nude and a bold lip. Every single feature in my list reflects my taste for the summer vibe; from the talked about NYX Angel Veil Primer, to Charlotte Tilbury's versatile miracle workers, KIKO's gorgeous new limited edition collection, a delve in the luxury Dior and Chanel, and that Sleek palette. I know what I'll be spending my birthday money on...

What's on your current makeup list?

Bridie x


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