Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What I Wore: Stripes and Shorts In The Sun


When the sun comes out, so does the bravery for displaying bare legs; especially when British weather is so hot that you're even sweltered in a lightweight shirt and chino style shorts - it's practically inevitable to start peeling off the layers! Contrary to my latest post in a protest towards body shaming and going out there with every flaw on show, my legs are the most hated part of my body and so I don't take kindly to revealing them to the outdoors. In fact, preparing these photos after making the most of a boiling Sunday afternoon with a swift outfit shoot and various comments from the local chavs, I did nothing but turn my nose up at my chubby, knobbly knees and stumpy thighs and I can't say I'm too disappointed about the temperatures set to drop again because that means I can place my black trousers back on and sink back down to my accustomed comfort level. That said, I can't change my shape (yep even after excessively cutting down in food and exercising with tough HIIT workouts daily, those stubborn pins just don't seem to tone) so why not just make the most of the moment and a bloody fetching pleated pair of shorts, ey?

With my hair scrimped back in a messy ponytail and my make-up gingerly applied, I decided to style the two items I specifically chose from Apricot's innovative collection and their provided gift credit with some near matching accessories I've stored in my hoarding wardrobe for as long as I can remember. The outcome represented something of a Parisian chic vibe meets office woman work wear in the summertime and I have to say, I've never felt snugness like it. Both the shirt and the shorts were a relaxed, loose fit; the shorts being long enough to cover most of my dismayed dignity with the highlighted tie detail and the shirt looking casually, effortlessly cool with the colouring of the pinstripes clashing successfully with the lovely navy colour of the shorts. The two worked so well without me having to even try.

I've never met a stripe I didn't like and the limit to owning too many striped garments doesn't exist, right? This beauty is an added versatile piece to my future sartorial choices; there's something so simple about classic nautical stripes that don't require a debate on creativity. Of course I had to complete the look with a pair of basic sunglasses for the confirmation summer really is on its way (or is it) but I can see me carrying it through this transitional weather and readily throwing it on with a pair of jeans when I really can't be bothered (which is most days to be totally fair).

Apricot is an online store I often overlook but I'm so pleased with the quality of these items and finding the muted tones complimented me more than first imagined was an even bigger bonus.

Have you ever shopped at Apricot? And most importantly, did you manage to bare the legs over the weekend?

Bridie x


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