Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: In My Boohoo Basket

Boohoo - with its affordable prices, discounted delivery codes, picturesque TV ads and a variety of casual meets boutique with a solid route to building your capsule wardrobe - has always been a favourite of mine, but more so now I'm in dire need of some freshened up colours, mix of prints and staple layers to take me through the spring/summer season (hey, word has it, Britain is actually gonna experience some of the more wished upon weather by the end of the week!). My shopping habits have never been taken lightly and now that Boohoo have their easy to use app to scroll down and press the coaxing heart button, it's only enhanced my crazy, searching, 'I will spend hours on a clothing website' kind of attitude.

It's probably no surprise that today's wishlist is revolving around my current Boohoo wishlist if you follow me over on Twitter. I did unshakeably state my list is longer than human life expectancy so it was pretty tough to narrow it down to just twenty items - if it was financially acceptable, I'd have a visit from the postman every morning. I'm much more of an impulse buyer, purchase when a garment catches my eye kinda girl so Boohoo is ideal for low cost but reasonable quality fashion that allows you to follow the trends and revamp your style. So, what am I loving? Denim, slouchy jeans, tailoring, western vibes, off the shoulder, fluted sleeves, co-ord sets, neutrals and up the ankle wrap tie shoes. I can see me implementing a whole lot of those in to my holiday outfit planning. Only 1 month and 22 days to go!

Have you shopped on Boohoo lately?

Bridie x


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