Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: The Jeans Investment

I'm a firm believer that once you find the right pair of jeans life will be nothing but complete, yet I'm still on the warpath with my battle of refined discovery. I'm a huge fan of denim (I mean who isn't?); so easy to throw on in a rush, effortlessly stylish, have the facility to be pieced with any item in your wardrobe, are available in a wide range of shades, cuts, designs, fits, fabrics and classic shapes, can be intensely detailed or kept plain and simple, will last for years without falling behind on the latest trends - only I haven't found that in high street denim and now I'm seriously considering moving on up into the high end department! 

The different pairs of jeans I've collected over time are uncountable and that's purely because after a few washes they've become unwearable - saggy at the knees, faded in colour and no longer is it skinny but a little too spacious around the ankles; and that quite frankly is a disappointment. The perfect idealisation and expectations for some trusty denim are as follows: fit in all the right places, not feel like its bursting at the button, balance the waist to hip ratio, flatter your figure, hug your best bits, provide extreme comfort, and help to maintain confidence as you strut your way through average everyday outings. The likes of Topshop, Primark and H&M (the usual stores I head to for my seasonal jeans) have up until now been a long term let down, and that's why the premium option is fast becoming feasible. Firmly investing in one or two pairs of superb quality jeans is going to benefit you and even end up ultimately saving you money because let's face it, having that one garment that can be relied upon to never change no matter how much progressive stress your body is well worth the splurge, especially if it's going to refresh your negative attitude towards the nightmare of denim shopping - and when most likely it'll work out cheaper to purchase one pair than the many £30 jeans you're dismissing. Paige Jeans and J Brand are the expert favourites on my list (as I'm sure they are for many fashionistas and bloggers out there) and that's where today's Wednesday Wishlist picks come from. From the high waisters, to the crop flares, to the distressed, the simple staples, and the extra touches of clean meets fresh and out of the safe zone colours, there's so much choice to work and experiment with whether that be casually or formally. I'm currently now on the mission to hunt down my soul-mate - jeans edition! Heading off to the luxury boutique it is

Are you an investor?

Bridie x

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