Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: pyjamas, all day, everyday

There may only be three days left of April but the weather seems to have taken a u-turn right back to the beginning of winter - without the added Christmas euphoria. I don't know about you but snow in April really isn't my thing and makes me crave nothing but a nightcap date with my blanket and a hot chocolate. I should be shopping for the summer season but instead I'm aspiring hibernation and doing what an introvert does best; hunting down the perfect pair of pjs.

Comfort is everything! There's no better feeling than being snug whilst you lounge around like a recluse but just because you're braless, make-up free, and quite frankly unworthy of the outside world, doesn't mean you can't still look the part in some classic nightwear. As much as I love sitting with my knees in a night shirt, pyjama sets are my favourite to wear - usually of the trousers and long sleeve top kind but when you have no choice but adapt to sauna like temperatures in your box room, revealing the ol' legs in some plush shorts and a relaxed button down shirt also works a treat. From cotton, to silk, to casual, slogan and luxurious, I love them all. My favourite picks of course come from the likes of Missguided, River Island and ASOS where the trend-inspired luxe essentials have you snoozing in style. Oh and those cat pyjamas? A girl must own a pair of such cuteness. 

Are you a pyjama lover?

Bridie x 


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