Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: embroidery - love it or hate it?

Another fashion fad focused wishlist for you today (isn't that a mouthful?!). I seem to vaguely remember a few years back the floral embroidery was a well established trend and a good 50% of my wardrobe was stored with smock dresses, peter pan collared tops, and frilly botanical socks. It was a time where I wasn't really sure about my sartorial direction and in my eyes, dressed too immaturely for my age. Now, it's a completely different story; my style HAS changed, but it doesn't mean my soft spot for all things floral, fine detailed, and tapestry has completely disappeared.

This upcoming spring/summer season I've noticed a comeback of the patterned designs, especially of the flowered and vintage appearance kind. However, this time it seems to fit right in the middle of my casual meets feminine choices. The prints aren't too in your face overpowering, spread out in all areas; tops, shirts, jumpers, skirts, shorts, jeans, even playsuits and jumpsuits, and set a prime example of a versatile statement piece. I'm especially loving the sewn in artwork within denim items and the fanatical favourite bomber jackets, it adds a more retro vibe with a girly edge - spicing up the differentiation in with the ordinary. 

How about you? Do you love the embroidered trend, or haven't you quite taken to it yet?

Bridie x

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