Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Spring at Stradivarius

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Stradivarius? Joking, of course I have. Probably too many times, actually. It's a recurrent seasonal pattern for me to flummox in the collections and latest fashion over on their site - with the only UK store being in London I have easier access to its Spanish routes when I'm over there most years, so obviously I'm starting to build up the euros in preparation for a massive splurge two months earlier. 

If Stradivarius are good at one thing, it's imputing the key trends into their limited yet plentiful section. I'm not searching for hours (in all honestly I much prefer shops with a balanced amount of clothing and accessories opposed to the giant retailers) but I'll still find a ton of stuff I convince myself I most certainly need to get my hands on. This is my third Stradivarius wishlist I've displayed on my blog and I've noticed a change in direction of my style. I'm going through a casual, comfortable, slouchy faze at the moment so am raging over oversized sweaters, jeans, plimsolls and the pyjama style get ups. But then again, I still have a soft spot for the feminine frills, staple denim, pretty dresses and crisp white pieces. It's all about the Jekyll and Hyde stage of sartorial choices.

What's the one store that never lets you down?

Bridie x

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