Friday, 22 April 2016

Oil Pulling - My Minty Coco Experience

*14 Day Course - C/O Minty Coco

I'll be brutally honest here, I hate my teeth. I don't want to sound like a repetitive self-loather but it's the truth and I've always been conscious of them throughout my youth. You'll rarely see me with a goofy smile, instead it will be replaced with a stern pout and my signature resting bitch face (whoops). It's not just the fact they aren't the straightest of sets; it's the way my mouth awkwardly curves up in an odd shape, my chubby chipmunk cheeks come out to say hello and of course, the colouring doesn't exactly match up to those you see on the likes of TOWIE.

I'm not particularly familiar with all the teeth whiteners on the market because quite frankly I'm clueless. I've always wanted to start somewhere but feel I need to research before I go ahead and spend money on a product that won't make the slightest bit of difference to both my confidence and my teeth. There's the cosmetics you can whip in your trolley at the supermarket, the pointless promisers of sparkling gnashers, reduced sensitivity and banished bacteria but I've tried all of them in the past and non have touched within an inch. This is where it's time to move on up in in-demand quality, to the natural remedies on the horizon that are talked about from the latest A-Lister and beyond. There's the famous whitening strips from various brands and then there's oil pulling, a traditional and historic way of whitening teeth and boosting overall oral health with more benefits along the way. This is where Minty Coco falls into the equation, when the opportunity arose to trial a 2 week course of their very own creation, I jumped at the chance. The mission for teeth I can show off to the world depended on a formula of virgin coconut and peppermint oil in a convenient sachet you swish around your mouth for 5-15 minutes, so to say I was intrigued was an understatement. Much to my sadness, I've just finished my last one and wanted to share my views and experience in a highly praised and positive manner! 

As a newbie to this miracle method, I made sure I read the instructions (and snapped a pre picture) before I went ahead and tested the solution out. To my thankful relief it was a pretty straight forward technique - ensure the oils are compressed enough to form a liquid, peel open the sachet, keep quiet, leave the communication behind and get that irrigated mouth into action. It took me a couple of days to get used to the strange feeling of the mushy texture and the cold sensation, at times it felt as though I just needed to take a big gulp but I persevered and it got easier - not to mention, it tastes delicious with the mix of both soft coconut and minty flavours combined. Although it can be used at any time throughout the day, I always made sure I swilled and settled before I brushed my teeth on an evening as I came to the conclusion it gave better potential to rid of all the built up residue and bad bacteria (that talking of which, should be spit out into anything but the sink as it does tend to block). Though it seemed a long duration of time, I held the oil in and around my mouth up to the full 15 minutes as I found this to be the most advantageous. 

After only a few days of including Minty Coco into my dental routine, I certainly noticed a vast difference in the general cleanliness of my mouth, gums and breath; they felt fresher, there were no resounding nasty tastes or aftermath and it didn't even take the full 14 days for me to compare the shiny glossiness of both the top and bottom sets of teeth. My enamel was more visible due to the erasure of plaque, especially in the fang area where yellow-hued stains were present. The colour alteration has immensely improved! I'm 100% convinced it was fully successful in combating bacteria and giving my teeth that healthy boost. I also have strong praises for the help in reducing sensitivity, I suffer with delicate teeth (hey I was even told by my dentist for some reason they're more prone to pain and breakage) but I found within a couple of uses of the formula, brushing my teeth became more bearable!

As you can see from the contrast between the two photos, it's changed the entire appearance of my teeth, they have such a glow to them now and as I've finished the course I'm worried they'll go right back to normal. I'm not gonna lie and say I wasn't the slightest bit sceptical because I was but I genuinely think it's worth sticking with to produce a constant re-mineralized and antimicrobial effect. I can imagine how transformed your teeth will look a year down the line if I felt the benefits of the detox in just two weeks. On a personal level, it's spoke volumes - I actually feel comfortable enough to grin away without worrying my teeth will look out of place and I just can't stop running my tongue along the resurfaced smooth layer. Brighter teeth, cut out toxins, an extracted organic alternative opposed to the harsh mouthwash and chemical filled toothpaste you often find on the shelves; what more could you ask for? 14 sachets of Minty Coco retails at £23.99 and you can buy directly from their website. 

Have you had any experience with oil pulling? I'd love to know if you feel as optimistic as I do!

Bridie x


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