Monday, 18 April 2016

My Yorkshire Blow Dry Experience

I get to visit some pretty awesome places courtesy of this little online empire of mine but an hour and half of my time spent on leather seating staring back at my illuminated reflection is without a doubt the most elated I've been to get home and write up all the positives that made last Wednesday a cheery day indeed. I was lucky enough to be booked into Yorkshire Blow Dry - a brand new blow dry bar exclusive to Leeds, located slap bang in the heart of the city - readily available to treat you to the ultimate pampering experience for any occasion. As I was already in town for a later food tasting event (which was another exquisite encounter may I add) I decided it'd be the perfect opportunity to have my mane tamed, refreshed and transformed before I head off to eat my own body weight in Mexican food. Pure bliss!

Greeted by two lovely ladies (Leah and Megan), plenty of smiles and a real VIP 'let me take your coat' moment - I instantly felt at ease with a warm, friendly welcome; which for me and my rather reserved soul makes life ten times easier... because is there anything worse than an awkward hairdressing ordeal? Thankfully, my afternoon at Yorkshire Blow Dry was the complete opposite. With no fuss involved I was lead straight over to the centre of the room on the feature chairs to choose my desired style but I eventually let Leah - my stylist for the day - decide what she wanted to do with it because A) I'm not the expert here and the experts know best and B) it takes a strong person to tackle and maintain control of my unruly locks so she rightly deserved to hold charge. There's six blow dry options; the signature Yorkshire Blow Dry creating bouncy and effortless curls, Straight Laced for straight up and down sleekness, Beachy Waves for the messy beach hair that is playful and carefree, The Uptini for mixing things up with a no nonsense up-do of your fancy, The A Lister for that glamorous and voluminous hair and finally Be-You-Tiful, allowing you to lead the way with your ideas put into action. Both Leah and I agreed on some beachy waves which actually was an instant favourite look of mine BUT what I loved about the menu was how receptive it was; you name it, they'll perform wonders! 

After the initial surprise of the length and the thickness of my hair, combined with some apparent hair envy and some reassurance from me that often enough long hair can be a bane in life - Leah got to work her magic in the shampooing and conditioning process. Obviously, this took longer than your average do so I did suffer with the ol' stiff neck over the sink effect but it was made entirely better by the most amazing head massage I've ever received - much less rough than some of my previous stints. Her hands sunk right into my scalp back and forth in a super gentle movement, repeated a couple of times and I swear my relaxation levels increased by a high almighty amount. If falling asleep was acceptable, I totally would have done without a doubt. She obviously knew just how to balance the positioning to create such euphoria. 

I was taken back to my seat with a freshened feeling once the washing of my hair was done and whilst being made comfortable, hair brushed through and pinned in sections to make it easier, on went the hairdryer along with the barrel brush swiftly gliding. It's been a long time since I've blow dried my hair as I can gladly leave it to dry on its own at home but I was reminded just how therapeutic it can be. In the duration it took to get through every part, we chatted about everything from blogging, to family, food and of course hair itself - that is along with more gushing compliments. Both girls made sure to remind me to always appreciate my blessing of naturally long hair and essentially, I did start to remind myself my hair is an attribute I can savour - especially after I'd seen for myself how beautifully advantageous it can be at the hands of a talented stylist. 

I knew from the moment I walked in that I was in for a treat but the end result definitely exceeded expectations. Leah was so driven, determined and passionate enough to keep texturing my hair with both the tools and the products until she shaped a satisfied masterpiece with a luxury, classy appearance. With a few more sprays, subtle back-combing and some delicately handled oomph, my mini makeover was complete and I was thrilled - the hues in my hair entwined and the ends of my hair to the point it looked like quality extensions. I don't think I've ever been in awe of my own hair since my wedding themed up-do last year. I just couldn't stop gazing at the perfectly tousled spirals falling both over my shoulder and down my back and it seemed others felt the same as I walked the streets and posted my mirrored selfie over on social media. It was bouncy curls meets loose waves with a vibrant colouring and beautifully smelling products which also worked wonders on my hair. Not only was my hair indulged, it lasted me a good three days afterwards until I needed to wash again and it stayed softer than ever which for me is a complete breakthrough. Now I need to discover the secret! I can only wish I was as intelligibly qualified.

It wasn't just my hair I was admiring, however, it was the whole atmosphere of the setting. A simplistic scene with minimal interior, oak accents, and a gorgeous chic grey/white colour scheme with a backdrop of their label. As you're sat having your hair tended to, you can see everything that's going on around you with the open plan of the salon and it just makes everything feel that more homely. Not only that, but they also offer other cut, colour and extension services ranging in prices, along with packages, group bookings and even HD beauty related add ons. I couldn't recommend Yorkshire Blow Dry's express and superior service enough, I'll definitely be back there for when my hair's suffering in the need of professionals. As their slogan states: bad hair day, ain't nobody got time for that. Thank you so much to the team for allowing me to feel a million dollars!

Have you ever visited an independent blow dry bar before?

Bridie x


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