Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: The Zara Spring Edit

Here we are again - my annual Zara yearning protocol. I make the same mistake every year, head off for a swift visit into store or flick through the app when I'm staring at the ceiling at night and then come across dozens of classic, timeless pieces that catch my eye in an instant that then follow on to be items I NEED in my transitional wardrobe. It always seems to be at the same time every year, too. Zara's S/S stock is without a doubt my favourite kind, the perfect wear to reshuffle and inject some colour in contrast to gloomy winter whilst still keeping the minimalistic and luxurious vibe. 

Ranging from modern, to casually comfortable and retro sportiness, to glam and really feminine, frilly and girly, my varied tastes really shine through in today's wishlist. I don't even think I can narrow it down to just a few choices, although I'm revelling in my simplistic preferences with the beautifully chic three piece coat, flared trousers and trumpet sleeve sweater - along with the distinctive denim features, the striped sets and those shoes that appear pointed enough to poke someone's eye out with!

What're you loving in this upcoming season?

Bridie x

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