Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Personal: things that made me happy in February

Without sounding extremely repetitive; I can't believe we've reached the beginning of another new month. The leap day (which I most definitely didn't use as a female perspective proposal opportunity for the invisible man) made absolutely no difference to the length of February; the shortest month of the year and by god, did I feel it. I said I'd sort my life out in February but it looks like March is the next endeavour (pffft, who am I kidding). Leo may have finally won his well deserved Oscar and Adele smashed the Brits but I'm still to discover my motivation and stop eating myself out of the house!

Although it's flown by without chance to look back and it's given me the impression I've done nothing remotely productive, I'm still sticking to my new-found monthly schedule of identifying a few average yet personally pleasing things that have made me turn my frown upside down - purely because I'm loving actually being able to point out the positives instead of focusing on the negatives.

Pancake Day | come on, who DOESN'T love pancake day? I was particularly enthralled in it this year because I cooked up my specialities for everyone in the household and they went down a treat (even if I did set the smoke alarm off - twice). Plus, melted Nutella in a stack of fluffy pancakes just brings unbelievable satisfaction to my greedy gut. I even discovered some healthier (if you can call it that) recipes which I'll be keeping for future usage and which you find in this blog post (unashamed plug right there).

Season change | somehow, February seems to have been colder than what could be considered the 'proper winter' last December into January. However, we have seen signs of spring (and as today is officially the first day of spring, that alone makes me want to leap with joy). We've had a full week of sunshine without rain which is an incredible achievement for Britain, daffodils are in the shops and there're signs of blossom on the trees. Spring is my ultimate favourite season so this brings great hope to at least crack out the lightweight jackets and enjoy the fresh air and lighter nights. 

Talks of a holiday | another family holiday is inevitably on the horizon this year; to the same place we go every year with my loved ones close by. We did have a conversation about trying somewhere different but in the long run, we couldn't realistically afford the exotic dream locations and truthfully, I'd really really miss somewhere I class my second home. Any time abroad is to be treasured, and I don't have anyone else to go with so I'm just ready for the flight confirmation. Now, for the ship shaping fitness boost, bikini shopping and golden tan wishing...

I became a coconut queen | not an actual queen made of coconuts, or a queen who earns a living by eating coconuts; as much as I'd strangely like that. No, instead I was warmly contacted by Charlotte from Coconut Lane - a website born to inject some quirky fun and sass into your everyday accessories - to ask if I'd like to become an ambassador via my Instagram and blog influence. Of course I said yes, and I've already received an absolutely brilliant print from them with my exclusive discount code. If you fancy getting your hands on any of their awesome bits and bobs, you can even use the code 'bridie20' to get 20% off!

Kindness | all round kindness, from people online, to myself taking the time out to provide uplifting compliments and even my doctor. Yes, really. I've had an extremely rubbish month health-wise and it means I've been struggling to see the brighter side. Any inch of care has amplified my spirits and has been much appreciated. I've received a couple of good-natured random comments about my blog and it's so lovely to know people enjoy reading. Mentions like that really do make my day - and that's why I also like to give back and share the love, because it makes me feel as though I've done something necessarily gracious. As for my doctor, she's an absolute darling and the only one I can rely on to understand and determine to help. That alone is a reason I should be grateful.

New clothes | with a season change, comes a wardrobe switch up and I've been enjoying investing in some transitional pieces. I'm not gonna lie and say I wasn't completely spurred on by the inspiration from London Fashion Week, because I totally was and I have so much on my wishlist right now but starting with the basics, making note of the trends and working them into my personal style has allowed me to rekindle that drive for the fashion forward and passionate individual I can be.

March is looking promising so far, it tends to be a funny old month which brings many mixed emotions but I have a couple of special occasions to look forward to - starting off with Mother's Day. If ever there's a stage to live in the moment, it's the (once again quite materialistic but necessary) celebrations for a woman who deserves the world.

What's made you happy in the past month?

Bridie x

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