Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: frilled with ruffles

I've always loved a good ruffle. My style has definitely progressed to a relatively balanced androgynous vs feminine but when I want to reach for some elegance and class with a touch of unique detail, a tousled piece is what I'll choose. Which is why I'm thrilled (or frilled) that the sudden micro trend is on the horizon. There's tons of ways you can wear frills and ruffles, from subtle to statement, around the neck as a structured 'V', loosely hanging on the end of a sleeve (my personal favourite), or even as bold as can be with an all over texture. The possibilities are endless but one thing for sure is, it's bound to wow and add some attention to a simplistic outfit.

Although there's been various headline features on the catwalk designed by the top end designers, my picks are all high street; which goes to prove you don't need to splurge for something that looks quality enough to be an investment. I'm definitely drawn to more than a couple of garments I've listed and could do the unthinking of purchasing more than a couple too. It will take some full time pondering and debating with myself to find 'the one' but I have a slight feeling that will be accustomed by Sister Jane. Their vintage, Victorian vibe is totally a flash from the past for me, but the whimsical, pretty, distinctive characteristics that are emphasised within their clothing line is so authentic. 

Have you jumped on the ruffle bandwagon this season?

Bridie x

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