Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: dungarees and pinafores

I'm not one to religiously follow every trend to hit the fashion industry - I like to keep a heads up as to what's all the rage to incorporate that into my daily wardrobe and my own tastes but logically, it's unaffordable and time worthy to keep a dedicated record 24/7 (and let's face it, we don't want to be splurging for that style to then vanish a couple of months later). For me to follow a trend, it has to suit my body shape and that's where the issue of this dungaree hype falls.

I absolutely love the idea of reliving my 6 year old child days back in school with a pinafore dress layered over a basic top, I think they're a simple choice and in the long run, a statement buy because they're practical and extremely versatile. They're also a great replacement for the full on dungaree and most definitely the alternate design I'd opt for when I feel my stumpy (and certainly not tall or skinny) legs won't carry me through. I'm determined to give the full length dungaree a try as they're so easy-chic and the possibilities of styling are endless. I'd like to even think I could pull off the whole flare and revel in some major 70s vibes but we'll leave that for another day. Of course, being a denim fanatic most of my choices involve some distressed, bleached, faded and dark styles, along with a cute twist of spring like colours and cord and cotton textures. Worn with a polo neck jumper or quirky tee underneath, it makes the perfect combo for the fresh, new season.

Are you all for the dungaree/pinafore trend this season?

Bridie x

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