Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: River Island new season picks

For me, River Island is a bit of a hit and miss. Although never ultimately bad, it seems to only suit my particular style two seasons out of the four. I remember creating a similar wishlist back in the autumn and now that the spring/summer stock is hitting the shelves, I'm going through the same desperately-consumed-to-new-clothing stage of the year where I want to spend every single penny I have on an updated wardrobe and River Island has just become the base of my needy obsession. 

The same colour theme to my tastes resumes in this wishlist, with the neutral beige and greys, the blue denim, the warm browny yellows and the crisp whites. In a nutshell, the trends I'm digging at the moment: patchwork pieces, unlimited frills, the bardot, off the shoulder cut, the continued lace up, and of course, any kind of stripes. I'm also moving over to the tailored side of fashion (or at least attempting it...) I love the premium luxe look, whether that be in a pair of trousers or a buttoned and buckled jacket like the one featured from River Island's studio range. I don't know about you but I can sense a splurge on the horizon. River Island, you've done good.

Have you purchased anything from River Island lately?

Bridie x

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