Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Missguided sale picks

Although I received absolutely everything I could have possibly wanted at Christmas time and am now finding it difficult to maintain minimalistic space by storing said gifts in my teeny box room, sale shopping (or should I say window shopping) is still happening and as long as my favourite stores keep throwing alluring emails into my inbox, I can't see any signs of it stopping until I'm fully broke and on the streets (just kidding mum, I know you wouldn't let me reach rock bottom). 

I found myself innocently browsing through Missguided a couple of days back and actually discovered there's a fair few pieces I wouldn't mind gracing my uninspired wardrobe with. The thing I love the most about Missguided is that there's always potential investment in their garments. Ideal for any season as long as layers are involved; check, able to be saved until the summer holiday you've just spontaneously booked and/or worn for a special event beforehand; check. It's always my go to place for that party outfit but the casual side is just as approachable. Especially the faux fur coats and simply sartorial jumpsuits. Such a dream.

Have you got your eye on any current Missguided pieces, sale or not?

Bridie x

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