Saturday, 30 January 2016

Going natural with Neal's Yard Remedies

How can you say no to natural beauty, wondrous products filled with therapies meant to heal and soothe, a holistic nature, do good attitude, plenty of friendly welcoming, platters of vegan food, delicious brownies, healthy shakes (or a glass of prosecco in my case), flowers upon flowers, dreamy interiors, bright white warm lighting and the opportunity to gain some well needed knowledge (as well as taking up the already cramped space with my eager photo shooting)? When I was asked along to a small blog event at Neal's Yard Remedies in the Victoria Quarter - a place I often do some luxury window shopping in - I couldn't not pop down for an hour to see the notion behind a store I've never really delved in to before.

I'd most certainly heard of Neal's Yard Remedies previous to attending but, in my error of seriously missing out, I haven't tried and tested any of the treats they've had to offer, nor have I been aware just how much care goes in to the making of their products. It was interesting to hear all about the company's ethics and values and quite obviously, based on the knowledgeable staff, Neal's Yard are truly passionate about what they create and take pride in honesty, integrity and transparency. Briefly touching on the background of Neal's Yard Remedies: the organic brand started all the way back in 1981 in a once forgotten corner of Covent Garden. They believe in non-synthetic and non heavily chemical induced ingredients, as well as staying away from animal testing; the heart of their vision being to bring expertise to the apothecary and holistic approach to everyone around them. Basically, one that can do no wrong, one that aims to help the environment, contribute towards saving the planet whilst providing committed cosmetics you can trust in and vouching for important campaigns. As their very own statement goes 'The tree is our beauty. The roots are our health. The two should be in perfect balance'.

With every shelf packed with displays of various collections, I was spoilt for choice as I browsed the shop (whilst learning about the many ranges as I went along). From haircare, to skincare, to bath and shower, hands and feet, mother and baby, essential oils, diffusers, fragrances, makeup, and even a separate area dedicated to a man's routine. Whatever your skin type, Neal's Yard will be there on hand. I don't think there's anything they can't supply your desires and necessary appropriate demands with.

Of course, without hesitation, I headed to the oily/combination section where I was introduced to the most divine facial scrub to ever grace my nostrils. The Honey and Orange scrub is made to exfoliate, cleanse and soften skin whilst providing some balance and now I regret not picking it up because my face is in current need of some tlc. Although I am restricted to what I use due to my over sensitive skin, I found love in the rest of its neighbours, too. The White Tea range for dry skin held another irresistibly intensive mask designed to nourish and protect against perished skin, with some anti aging benefits added in there. I can see that being one product to pick up when the winter harshness turns my skin in a different direction! I'm guessing it's because of the all natural elements poured into the exclusive specialities but every single product smelt amazing (I was even informed most were acceptable to eat due which takes it's good enough to eat to another level). 

The aromatherapy and medicinal side of Neal's Yard Remedies was also super intriguing. I'm adherent to the fact when all else fails, turn to natural and herbal remedies. I think they're distinctive to an individual and can help depending on your problem but all in all, they're great for generally restoring barriers against common ailments and guiding you to the path of leading a happy, healthy life. In particular, for someone who does hold a lot of tension, the de-stress and night time oils were the top of my list, along with the macerated, argan, almond and rosehip oil which never let me down in terms of radiant and hydrated skin and hair. With a kind 20% off discount code for all bloggers that evening, I ended up buying the St John's Wart Macerated Oil which was said to help soothe sore nerves, acting as a massage - it's something I suffer with and I have faith that it will benefit me on a bad day. 

One section I was drawn to the most was the mid right hand side of the dainty store where laid the best rated sets in all their glory. The Frankincense Intense - an age defying, firming and toning gem is one of those recommendations that I'll be heading towards soon enough, the beautifully detailed Wild Rose Beauty Balm was my second favourite - hearing about how its many charms worked  may have just persuaded me to make an impulsive purchase, and then there were the carefully wrapped soaps and the entirely organic gift sets which were all directed to your preferences (the packaging alone was enough for me to shout I'm in!).  

On top of the overwhelming perusing, there was also a lovely lady named Judy on hand to bless you with her magical shoulder massages. Judy was a very interesting character, with more than 30 years experience, she specialises in holistic therapies for the mind and body, rehabilitates a lot of pregnant women, and even gets to travel the country with her work - on more than one occasion visiting festivals and de-straining the Foo Fighters! I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed and loosened as I did after my couple of minutes sat on the chair fortunate enough to indulge in Judy's heavenly hands. Even if I did get light-heartedly told off for not having regular treatments and tightened posture. I didn't manage to catch a peak of the therapy room at Neal's Yard Remedies but was handed a leaflet and I was surprised - as much oblivious - to how many treatments there are available by an individually skilled professional of choice. I think I'll need to pay a visit very soon before I age my knotted limbs too quickly!

Not only do Neal's Yard Remedies advance in skincare and bodycare, but they also link back to their health pledge and distribute a number of super foods aimed to detox and purify. As I'm currently trying my best to stay on track diet-wise (whoops did someone get the biscuit tin out), the goody bag given out at the end of night featuring a large tub of useful Coconut Oil, Maca Powder, and Raw Cacao Powder will be of a large advantage. Thank you to the ladies for being so thoughtful in that manner! I really enjoyed my time at the NYR store, it was enough for me to be encouraged to change my attitude towards beauty and switch up my process from popular to all organic and free from harshness. 

Have you ever visited Neal's Yard Remedies? Do you swear by any of their products?

Bridie x

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