Friday, 13 November 2015

What I wore: the camel gilet

*Camel Gilet: C/O Yoins | Flares - Topshop | Roll Neck - Primark | Bag - YesStyle | Boots - Simmi Shoes

I often find an item I love and crave instantly, so much in fact that I'm clicking add to basket quicker than you can count to three. Then, once it arrives I'm completely clueless on how to style it. The exact same thing happened when I received this gorgeous longline sleeveless blazer. I knew it was a definite new favourite, the contrast black on the light camel colour was right up my street but I found myself pondering just how on earth I'm able to match it with the Autumn-acceptable garments in my wardrobe.

I'm so into tailoring at the moment, I don't know whether I could rock the full power suit (as much as I'd like to) but I can just about work with a mid length gilet. So easy to slip on in a hurry, so versatile, yet still a bane on my stumpy features. After a long and frustrating style experimentation, I managed to come up with a solution; when in doubt, pull out the rust colours, the 70's inspired suede and kick-flares. A basic ribbed jumper is all I seem to be living at the moment but I'm not complaining. Especially when it's a Primark special. Oh, Primark, you're forever my knight in shining armour.

I'm in an extreme hate-hate relationship with my hair at the minute. It's got to the stage where it's totally uncontrollable, to the point that even when scrunched up in a ponytail it still looks terrible. Paired with the forceful wind that's presently approaching the UK, it doesn't result in a great combination. Neither does heading down to my Grandma's house where the wind triples in aggressiveness. That house is certainly not the large building behind me, by the way. That is an ex boys' boarding school which is apparently haunted, but it didn't stop me venturing down there to mix up the setting in correspondence to my freshly refurbished blog. How're you liking the new location?

Have a lovely Friday (the 13th argh!), Saturday, and extremely lazy Sunday, folks! 

Bridie x

P.S. check out my Paul Mitchell giveaway that's still running all the way up to Christmas!

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