Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wednesday Wishlist - Stradivarius new season


You may have seen me mention Stradivarius before, I've raved about the store before in a previous blog post and the deep devoted love I share hasn't budged an inch. You'd think I'd get bored of creating continuous wishlists, especially when it mentions the same shop but this particular establishment never goes out of fashion (whoops, another pun) and it's always guaranteed I'll spot something I desire whilst browsing and constantly checking back. I consider Stradivarius as a cheaper Zara (after all it is part of the same family line). It sells similar items; the investments, the extravagant, unique layers and the casual, minimal but extremely versatile basics. 

As I'm still totally digging the 60s and 70s vibes these 12 picks all reflect that. Pieces like the snakeskin boots and round buckle belt are always a favourite in my eyes as I think they can add so much dimension to an ordinary outfit. I'm lusting so hard over the different textures and clashes of typical 'me' colours in this list. Burgundy, brown, navy and nude; you name it, I'll most definitely love it... and eventually buy it. I just can't stop spending lately.

Is there any particular shop which will always have a special place in your indulging obsessive heart?

Bridie x

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