Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: discovering Yoins


Have you ever placed a random search on Google for a piece of clothing that's devastatingly sold out and then happen to come across a site where said item is available and for an even better price? Well, that ecstatic feeling occurred for me a couple of week ago when I located Yoins, an international website which seems to stock a good variety of Zara-esque clothing, along with some individual, high quality and super stylish pieces.

By coincidence (maybe more fate) a week or so after I'd received my package and were thrilled with the service, I was then contacted directly by Yoins, asking me if I'd like to join and collaborate on to their blogger program. Of course I said yes, which lead on to me frantically searching the site and picking out a mixture of classic garments that summed up my personal style. And now? Well, now I thought I'd share my wishlist with you and inform everyone else on my epic findings.

Yoins stands for 'Your Inspiration' and you'll find plenty of that on there. There's everything from minimal basics, to those distinctive and eccentric ensembles that I daren't take a risk with but what would be suitable for someone with a more quirky sense of style. Obviously I'm sticking with my favourites; neutrals, nudes, tailored pieces, and for the current colder weather; faux fur, gilets, boyfriend jackets, and thick, fluffy coats. Will I ever step up my style game? Probably not but I feel like I've finally found my comfort spot and there's plenty of online retailers that support my boring choice. Thanks Yoins!

Have you had a brilliant discovery in the fashion department lately?

Bridie x


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