Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: Zara new season must haves

Oh Zara, my one true love. How I dream of spending every last penny on your constant style updates. Whenever I feel I need a wardrobe revamp heading into a new season, Zara is always the answer. Of course, I only treat myself to the odd piece as it's not the cheapest of shops but the quality makes it well worthwhile.
There's one stand out feature I love about Zara and that's the way they display their clothing with put together outfits. My main inspiration usually always strives from both the high street shops and their website! From bold prints, to simple neutrals, they give a taste of everything.

This year is no different, Zara haven't let me down. I'm still so into the 70s vibe as I'm finding my personal urbanity this month. Browns, greys and whites have always been a favourite of mine so realising there'll be plenty of camel and suede this autumn/winter answers all my prayers.

What're you loving lately?

Bridie x


  1. Love the dress at number 8 - such a cool design xo

    Emily |


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