Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Life: a day out to York

There's nothing I love more than a spontaneous day trip, especially when the impulse turns into nothing but often forgotten admiration for the county you were born in. York has always been one of my favourite places and honestly, I don't visit as often as I should do! That's why when we decided to up-road on a fine summers day last month, I made sure I soaked up every tiny little detail.

York is such a beautiful, historic city. A fine mix between high street and traditional which is perfect for those inclined to enjoy exploring and appreciating the scenery (like me). I didn't realise just how huge a tourist attraction it was until I saw nothing but group hikes and hoard of flashing cameras as for me it's just an ordinary place in Yorkshire, less than an hour away from where I live, that is open for me to visit any time (and in that sense, I guess I am lucky). I absolutely love everything about York and could (or should I say did) walk round for hours soaking in the vibe of nothing but true English heritage.

As it was late afternoon when we decided to head off, we were starving once we arrived so decided to head off for a meal at the nearest restaurant (which so happened to be a Carluccio's of all places available... unfortunately a Betty's date just wasn't to be). After we'd been fed and watered we then began our casual tour round York with a stroll down the dainty streets, in particular The Shambles. This part of York never fails to draw me in, the small, enclosed spaces with tons of dated but well kept Tudor style buildings laid unequally side by side give a taste of the olden days and although sometimes hard to capture due to the busy crowds, just scream Instagram ready. I'm one for making the most of those independent shops you just wouldn't find anywhere else, so popping into the local fudge pantry deemed necessary (until I was knee down in vanilla crumbled sugar of course). With an open market and entertainers on hand, it really allows you to capture the essence of the city which is just so full of character everywhere you turn. 

Moving on to the vintage famous architecture of York; York Minster, Clifford's Tower, and of course the museums. I'm such a geek at heart and am always enthralled in each section of a museum expedition. Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit either one but I must go back to my childhood with the scare mongering York Dungeon sometime soon (I've heard it's gotten a lot more terrifying since I last visited). York Minster and Clifford's Tower are two landmarks that just complete and define York entirely. I'm no expert (surrounded by architect worshipers can make you feel a little out of place) but I do commend an eye catching building when I see one and with the blue skies that decided to appear, it made the photo opportunities so much more effective. With all sorts going on around me, the horse and cart, the sightseeing bus, the ever so popular hooked up bikes in a singular, neat row and the river flowing nearby, I was in blogger heaven (I solemnly swear I didn't pretend I was in Amsterdam for a second). 

After a quick pit stop to a cafe to refresh and rest our sore feet, our last aim was to unwind in the York Museum Gardens which was wonderfully packed with peace and tranquility. I'm a sucker for pure nature and a distinguished park with tons of greenery, exposed freedom, continued ruins, and pretty flowers embedded everywhere was just what I needed to breathe. There's nothing like a walk around an entire complex to clear your mind (although I decided that was an incorrect choice when my legs very nearly give away). It was also the perfect location for a couple of outfit snaps; for the mild-turned-sunny-turned-chilly weather I opted for a Boohoo shirt dress and my trusty lace up (and thankfully comfortable) heels.

To round off an absolutely lovely day, we slowly wandered back to the car but couldn't resist an ice cream by the river boats on the way there. Of course the sun decided to come out at near 7pm and it had us pining to stay longer but unfortunately we had to head off. After taking a quick trail round the castle walls, I went into switched off mode and reveled in my second favourite thing - the car journey home. We were even treated with a stunning sunset which ticked off a successful and notable trip to the town.

Have you visited York before?

Bridie x


  1. We went to York for the weekend back in July - it's such a beautiful city! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Looks like such a lovely day out, and I do love a good spontaneous trip they tend to be the best days :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  3. such a pretty place ! loving it :)



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