Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: venturing into Dorothy Perkins


Dorothy Perkins isn't a shop I think of at the mention of outfit inspiration, I tend to class it as the older lady shop, the one that has the odd piece in now and again but not a firm favourite. Lately, however, my opinion has completely changed.
Earlier this year, I was honoured to be chosen to represent DP in their Dress The Nation campaign and ever since then, I've found myself checking the website and looking twice at the displayed mannequins in the shop window way more than I used to. 

Their A/W range this new season is pretty damn incredible. As you can see there's a recurring theme running through the wishlist; camel, suede, tie waist and striped textures. It's all I seem to be lusting over at the moment as the 60s and 70s trend grows immensely. If I had one choice to stock up my wardrobe with only a single selection of shades it would be light brown, caramel with some grey and black thrown into the mix. I'm at that stage of the year where my wardrobe needs a serious revamp (and I need a bank loan for everything I desire) and I'm thinking, perhaps I should begin with exploring Dorothy Perkins for those well hidden gems!

Are you shopping away from the ordinary lately? Let me know your favourite picks!

Bridie x


  1. I love your choices, especially 9 and 13. I need to start working on my Autumn/Winter wardrobe asap!

    Roxie x
    The Beautiful Bluebird

  2. Gorgeous wishlist hun, I agree I don’t tend to look to Dorothy Perkins so much these days but loving the items you’ve picked :) Especially number 6 and 9 :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  3. I've been really impressed with Dorothy Perkins this year, they've really upped their game and I found some great bits for Summer in there. I need to take a look for my winter wardrobe, I love the look of the denim dress, it's a great price too!


  4. Wow. This is a great wishlist, love numbers 10 & 14


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