Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wednesday wishlist: paisley love

I remember a couple of years ago when my clothing possession consisted of nothing but paisley print (and mostly the unflattering kind). I was more into daring prints when I hadn't really found my style curve but as the trends move forward, I'm finding myself latching on to the bold and clashing designs again. One pattern big on the horizon this season is paisley; following on from this thriving 70s trend that's growing more popular by the minute. I think having a paisley patterned shirt in your wardrobe is a must have, and the rest is history! There's some really lovely pieces out there, all in different colours, shapes, and styles, After seeing Megan rock this ASOS beaut on her extremely influential (and envy worthy) Instagram, I've decided I need to make a new paisley purchase, and soon!

What trends are you loving lately?

Bridie x

P.S. Due to being given the job of photographing my auntie's wedding at the weekend and having to edit 200+ photos, blog stuff has been delayed this week but not to worry, I still have so many posts planned and all shall be resumed shortly!

1 comment

  1. I love everything on here, paisley is my all time favourite print.

    Marina x | Marina-Simone


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