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The Sunday (bank holiday Monday) natter: the 5 stages of a night in heels

As it's bank holiday Monday, I thought it would be a great time to share with you the infographic I've been working on with Stylefruits (plus it makes up for my laziness of failing to prepare a Sunday natter yesterday). It's the last bank holiday of the year which means, to the dismay of those unsociable individuals like myself, people will be making the most of it by going out, celebrating a day off and using it as an excuse to part-ayyy (yep even in the rain, us Brits are used to it now). 

I think we've all felt the pain of wearing those swanky yet extremely high heels on a night on the town. Unfortunately fashionable beauty comes with a price, and that price is feet pronounced wholly dead after the enduring of enjoyment. It's quite sad that we have to make the choice of being comfortable or feeling utterly stumpy without those lengthening leg savers. Usually, if possible, I take both pairs out with me, heels for looking as good as can get, and flats for the end of the night when nobody will see me limping home in the dark - BUT that's not often the case and I want to take you through the 5 stages of thoughts, feelings and emotions running through your head from start to finish and how it plays out from walking out of that door to returning home. 

1) Checking your reflection | strutting past a window or double checking yourself in the mirror always confirms the inner confidence which bobs out to say hello every time you wear your favourite pair of heels. Think your legs look super long and slimmer than usual? Of course, that's the power of heels. Rock that foxy catwalk pose, girrrrl!

2) Walking to the club | the image of those perfect pins is still embedded in your mind so of course you're trying your best to walk in sync to highlight your obvious sexiness, until you come across a load of stairs! All is well if you have the sequence intact, complete with the famous hair flick (you just have to inwardly repeat and advise your brain "try not to fall over or stumble!" over and over again).

3) Dancing | as the night goes on and the heels gradually become less comfortable and more a burden on your definite wrong choice, it suddenly grains on you that your feet are pained. Unfortunately, as the realisation hits, it's too late to reverse the decision so dancing is the only cure. It will increase the aches but at least you're enjoying yourself (and burning the calories of all alcoholic drinks consumed, right?!)

4) Sitting down/drinking | ahhh, a rest at last. It feels like utter bliss once you follow your friends' guide to sit down and give your feet time to recover. If ever there's a time you realise how much hard work it is to be a woman and to look and feel good, it's when you've felt the tingling, throbbing and burning suffering of your feet on a night in high heels. 

5) Going home | the walk home is always a risk; too much alcohol, stilettos and extremely wobbly legs don't mix well but look at this way, your armoured heels can protect you from any danger in an imagined scenario. It's so tempting to whip your shoes off, all you can think about is removing them, it's lodged into your brain, but nothing beats the moment you've been looking forward to for hours. The relief of flipping off those heels as you fall back onto the bed makes it so worth it!

With the help of some other fashionistas, here's what Stylefruits came up with:
5 Stages of a Night Out in Heels

Do these actions sound familiar? I'd love to know your 5 stages!

Bridie x

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