Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: last minute holiday buying with Missguided


Keeping it short and sweet in today's Wednesday Wishlist because not only has July arrived meaning it's only 3 DAYS for me to get fully prepared for my holiday, but Britain has also decided it's going to have its hottest day since 2006 leaving a very sweaty, stressed out me behind craving freezing cold air condition in this overpowering house of mine. 

I can't ever be too exhausted to create a clothing filled holiday list, though. All I can say is thank god for Missguided next day delivery. I did it last year, and it's happened again; last minute buying of all the beautiful pieces Missguided have to offer. It's been a while since I browsed the site and I've ended up mentally ticking off each category as a must-have. From casual day wear to smart yet chic-wear by night, I think Missguided provide everything you'll ever need for a relaxing, comfortable break with that touch of simple class and style.

Do you have your eye on anything at Missguided this season?

Bridie x

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  1. Some seriously great picks here!! I have number two and it's so comfy and lovely!!


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