Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: all white with DressLink


To me, summer isn't summer without an all white fiasco with a wardrobe packed with lace, crochet and tassels. That's why I'm so glad the trend is in full swing this season and the boho vibe is well and truly active. There's just something about an all white outfit that appeals to me; whether that's the clean look, the classic palette, the versatility, and the fact once the sun does decide to stay, when you fly off abroad, or even when you reach for that bottle of fake tan and you do get your pretend glow on, the freshness of white compliments against your bronzed tan skin tone so nicely.

As much as I lurrrrve neutral clothing, there's an addition to that, and that's the prices. As much as we like to deny it (and to cover up our shopping-guilt) stocking up on the latest summer gear does often take a chunk out of your purse which is why there's nothing I preach for more than a discovery of a site that provides super affordable prices AND a stunning assortment. DressLink is the answer to my summer dilemmas. Not only is everything (including the international postage) so reasonable but they have a huge range of choice, Whilst having my usual window site shopping moment I just couldn't pick a favourite, hence the huge wishlist this week. I have my eye on so many gorgeous pieces and I'm excited to receive a couple I picked out myself. Hopefully they arrive before my holiday so I can pile them with the rest of the many many clothes I own (oh, the perks of having an (often addictive) eye for style). All white is the perfect collection for parading round the pool, on the beach and for a swanky meal as evening approaches. Even just typing the scenario is getting me all giddy!

Have you ever shopped at DressLink, ,or a similar retailer? Do you have a holiday coming up? What's your go to summer colour?

Bridie x

*this post is in collaboration with DressLink


  1. Loving no.7, 15 and 19. I actually never heard of Dresslink before but I defo gotta check out some of their stuff - They look like they have some great pieces x :)

    Caitriona | Blog

  2. all white is my fave lately, these are all so cute!

    danielle | avec danielle


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