Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wednesday wishlist: the H&M edition


Sometimes I forget I've signed up to receive H&M's monthly magazine and then it's a pleasant surprise when I awaken to some modernistic pieces to browse through. It's like Christmas, only in mid May where you're wishing the weather would make its mind up so you can make the most of the lighter, crisp clothing on catalogue view with the backdrop of beautiful greenery and sunny beaches. Today's wishlist is once again based on the latest trends; boho chic, lace up, fresh white and wraparound fringing. I don't shop in H&M as often as I do the other 'popular' high street shops but now and again I take a peek and realise there are a few gems hanging around there waiting to be picked up by the shopping obsessor (aka me). I love absolutely everything on this list, especially the lace up dresses as I currently have a thing for all criss cross. Luckily, I managed to pick up that bargain of a dress before it all sold out and can't wait to make some use of it on those humid yet breezy days *prays for some more long lasting summer weekends*.

Over the past few days I've been feeling really down about every aspect of where I am and the progress I'm making. There's nothing worse than being stuck in a rut but you can always rely on a created wishlist to boost up your mojo and your need for more clothing you don't actually need. 

Are you stocking up on the summer clothing?

Bridie x


  1. I have been loving H&M recently, and I'd happily give your entire list a home!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. H&M is one of my favourite shops I don't know why I'm not subscribed to the mag! Love these pieces especially 11 & 12 x

  3. so many fun picks! love number 4! cute dress!

  4. As if these are all from H & M?! They are stunning. I never go into H & M for some reason but this makes me wanna go and have a browse. I totally love the brown skirt and the white playsuit.

    Sarah xxx ||


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