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Beauty: The Body Shop goody bag

As I mentioned in my previous The Body Shop post, we were leaving the luxurious event with a heightened sense of smell, experimented hands, a wishlist as big as the knowledge gained and most importantly, a kind gesture of a small goody bag for us to take home and try out some of the newbies (and the oldies). That I have done, and I'm now well and truly blessed with refreshing goodness. In the silver striped sealed packet I was given a sample pot of the Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask, Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub and Body Butter, Virgin Mojito Body Butter, a smaller sample of the Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask and Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser, Coconut Body Milk, Shower Cream, and even a Twinings tea bag thrown in to fit the theme of the night. Aside from my beloved Coconut Body Milk and Shower Cream (thank you TBS for ultimately feeding, reminding me and encouraging my love for coconut and providing me with two of my favourites!), luckily everything handed over was completely new to me. I hadn't tried either sample product which made me eager to give the teeny snippets a go and truthfully, there wasn't anything I was unimpressed by.

As I'd focused on both the Fuji Green Tea and Virgin Mojito range in store, I was desperate to pamper myself after a long, stressful week and all three body samples did the job of unwinding perfectly. Despite the size of the containers and the fact there weren't a ton of product in there, I still managed to identify the positives and the distinctive qualities from just a small portion and the fact you didn't need a huge amount is what I loved the most. The Fuji Green Tea is amazing, it has such a unique, subtle scent which has that cooling, zesty effect on both your skin and your whole relaxation mode. I found the body butter to be much creamier than other body butters I've owned in the past which was one thing that stood out for me. It doesn't have that heavy feeling, it feels much lighter, less greasy and nicer to rub in and it absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling super soft. It also works hard at hydrating that pesky dryness the harsh weather and lack of moisturising can bring (which I'm certainly guilty of, whoops!). The body scrub also has the same effect and when combined together, produce nothing but silky results, making your whole body feel invigorated and as though you've had a healthy detox. It's such a gentle scrub in a gel like formula so isn't harsh on the skin and still feels lovely and mellow when exfoliated in. Used before the body butter and followed up by a thorough moisturise gives you the full skin recovery and I've found them both to be long lasting both smooth and fragrance wise.

I've already raved about the Virgin Mojito range but I seriously can't get over how gorgeous it is. I used a smidgen of the Body Butter sample and smelt so dreamy. I could have sniffed at myself like a curious animal all day. I didn't, but I could have done without fear of looking strange. Like the Green Tea, it has a lighter, fluffier feel and keeps your skin nourished and moisturised. Although in terms of aroma, I definitely prefer this; It's a winner all round in my eyes. I was already persuaded to buy the full sized collection when it becomes available but now I'm pining for the release date so I can go on a mad spree.

With the lathering coconut bath products and the choice of body butters and scrubs, my skin thinks it's in heaven so I had to let my face join in and have its fair share of indulgence. The first product I used was the Honey & Oat 3 In 1 Scrub Mask, a three in one face mask which cleanses, polishes and moisturises. It's said to be directed for normal to dry skin which is why I was a little conscious of piling it onto my über troublesome oily skin but after trialing it I can confirm it works just as well, if not better and more helpful than other aimed oil balancing cosmetics. I used the mask on the night of a bad skin day, my face was in need of a boost and I wanted rid of the gross greasy, cloggy feeling. As I applied the mask I couldn't help but admire the divine scent, it smelt like fresh baked on the day ingredients and certainly reminded me of an oaty porridge with the thick, fluffy consistency and pieces of oatmeal which gently exfoliate the skin cells. The mask does dry into the pores giving you a deep cleanse but doesn't leave you with the hard, clay like aftermath texture. After washing off with a warm cloth my skin was noticeably softer, my face felt soothed, smooth and relaxed. It didn't exacerbate my oils or irritate my skin and it did seem to calm the harshness down. It's a definite pick me up product for when you lack lustre to leave you with a brighter complexion and a radiant, revitalised face satisfaction.

The Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser really reminded me of the Origins Ginzing but just with a stronger, more intense and fruitier fragrance. It had the same effects and a similar ambience when applied. It maintains moisture lightly without that over produce of heaviness and tightness and the texture has a cooling, gel like feel which glides easily onto the skin. It left me with the same energised, zingy feeling and gave me that pop of renewal leaving my skin feeling well rested and saved from dullness. It definitely brightens the completion, so much so that it evens out the skin tone and can bring out all the redness for it to relieve (I still don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing). Obviously, with me only using it a couple of times I've only become familiar with the short term influence but it certainly left me with a glow and I can see it becoming a popular product! 

Finally, we have the Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeing Mask and it works exactly as it says on the tin, giving you a bouncy spring in your step as you're replenished overnight. I have only used this once but I was so pleased with the results. Now, I'm not ancient, I'm still in my youth but this is the sort of product which enhances the natural flush and keeps the young-looking, beaming glow intact. The scent is gorgeous, such a rich pleasant smell which is also gentle and not too overpowering on the skin. It is a little sticky at first but once it soaks into the skin it makes you feel alive and you really can see the difference; my pores and scarring appeared reduced and my face more healthy and highlighted. It even made makeup application the next morning a smoother job as my skin looked plumper and firmer, like that natural freshness you gain in the summer.

Have you tried any of these products or are you (like me) waiting for the day you can purchase and really make the most of the perks?

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Bridie x


  1. I couldn't believe how good the drops of youth mask is! I'm definitely going to be popping back through to pick the full size version up - I was sooo impressed with it :-) It works wonders. I didn't make too much of the oaty mask though tbh. I have natural/dry skin so I really thought it was going to work briilliantly - It's interesting to see how it worked on you considering your skin type. How bizzare! Great post Bridie! I always love your writing style :-)

  2. I definitely want to try the new green tea range! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x


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