Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: another Topshop edit


I'm currently on my way home from Sheffield on a stuffy (and not very pleasant smelling) coach after attending Olly Murs' opening night of his Never Been Better tour, and what a show it was! My love for that cheeky chappy is almost as strong as my love for Topshop, which of course is what today's Wednesday wishlist represents.

We're now into April and the weather seems to be gradually getting worse, which is pretty normal for the UK, but not okay for my current tastes. I'm loving the fine whites, greys and the quirky denim trend but I can't see them going down well (or staying clean) in this mucky weather. The same goes for the complimenting Bardot style and the odd vibrant print that is a staple for a summer wardrobe. I have my eye on so many lovely bits but just don't think it's appropriate to start buying yet *holds temptation for as long as possible*.

Is there anything you're loving lately?

Bridie x


  1. Is Olly Murrs any good live? I just find him super cheesy, haha. Love love love number 4, the trench coat, looks so chic and luxe!

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. I'd definitely say he's one of my favourite acts to see live, not cheesy at all, just full of cheeky character! I'm with you on the trench coat, it's been in my thoughts for a good few week but now is unfortunately out of stock :( x

  2. I think number 1 and 2 are my fave picks! These are gorgeous stuff! The denim trend could be quite tricky to pull off, but I think there's been definitely a lot going around!


  3. Loving your blog! Also love the things you've picked! x


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