Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Sunday Natter: travelling dreams

There's not a day goes by where I don't drift off into the wonderland of travelling the world. Being a blogger gives you instant access to the insights of the individuals who live the ideal life; sipping cocktails in the Caribbean, sight seeing in Paris, posing almighty in the brisk New York air next to the famous yellow cabs etc etc, and I can't help but wish I could swap lives. Of course it's not all prim and proper but there's some pretty amazing opportunities which come along waiting to be grabbed and I hold on to the hope some day that will be me enjoying the freedom and exploring the most memorable places (preferably when my lotto numbers roll up on the big screen!). With this in mind, for today's Sunday Natter post I've collected together my top 10 most desired places to visit and would love to know if you have similar thoughts, if you've visited any of these, and if there's any special destination on your list!

1) Dublin.
There's something about traditional pubs, live music, friendly people, dainty settings and the drool worthy Irish accent that appeals to me. I've heard so much positive praise about Dublin and it's fun, topped with cutesy vibe. It'd be the perfect short getaway to lift your spirits and soak in the atmosphere!

2) Paris.

So cliche, I know but if there's one city I must visit before I die, it's Paris. With its beautiful buildings, quaint streets, the most famous Eiffel Tower, the somehow highly attractive French language, French baguettes, chocolate drizzled crepes, Pinterest-worthy photo opportunities, pretending you're a high class glamour star with the boutique shopper bags, and not to forget, Disneyland! If there's one way to further my French/vintage/chic obsession, it would sure be to visit the place itself!

3) Italy.

First up, can we talk about Italian food? Pasta, pizza, speciality chicken dishes, the desserts and alllllll the bread. No doubt about it, I'd be a couple of stone heavier if I spent time exploring the different parts of Italy for a holiday but (although this is a big source of my interest) it's not only the food I'd admire. It's the people; I love Italians, they're so lovely, fussy and comical, and it's the diversity; the sights on offer, the sunny strolls, the art, the array of houses on the sea and the stunning landscapes. A tour of Capri, Campania, Florence, Milan, Rome, Sicily, and Venice would be an absolute dream come true. 

4) New York.

I don't think I really have to explain the reasons I'm constantly pining for the big apple but if I really had to, it would be; the spectacular city life, the mad rush, the urge to flag down a cab like in the movies, the range of entertainment, the magic of Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building, a boat tour, an attempt at a Statue of Liberty selfie and most of all, the hundreds of well needed NY shopping trips! My ultimate goal is to visit New York over the Christmas and New Year period. As cold as it may be, it would be heaven and I'd love to experience it! (In fact a huge tour of the whole of America would suit me just fine).

5) Australia.

I still find it crazy and rather fascinating how Australia is on the other side of the world and is a massive 11 hour, 30 mins (maximum) hours in front (pretty much the future, right?). Once again, it's the visual pleasures, the breath taking open spaces, the mountains, the outback atmosphere, the beaches, the nature, the liberation, the hip-urban vibe it seems to have and of course, Sydney Opera House that leave me planning incomplete plans.

6) Amsterdam.

Imagine my Instagram if I I took a trip to Amsterdam, oh my. I think it's such a beautiful city with so much to offer. I don't think I'd be spending too much time in the Red Light District (oo-er) but I would most certainly be admiring the floating canals, the famous hooked up bikes, unique buildings, and the narrow, winding streets. I also have a large interest in the history side of cities, especially from the war. As upsetting as it can be hearing the horrific stories all over again, one place that would fascinate me would be the Anne Frank museum! I don't quite think I'd be kissing my Augustus Waters in there but I would be enthralled in every little detail.

7) Greece.

I'm not gonna lie when I say it's the likes of Zoe and Niomi who influence this choice. I've had the pretty parts of Greece on my list for a long time but ever since their presentation of Santorini and its surrounding towns, I've grown to adore the whole package. The islands are magnificent; packed with beautiful hotels, rocky settings, buildings in line above the sea, the old fashioned streets, Greek traditions, bewildering beaches, sheltered bays, coastal caves and hard to describe in words sunsets which can be seen for miles. Imagine sipping your late night drink, soaked in the high top pool, the warm air still gazing down on you, it would be absolute bliss.

8) Bahamas.

The freshness, stunning, clean views and more than amazing beaches with crystal blue water and white sand are what capture my attention about the ever so incredible island. I can almost hear a pin drop when I browse the wonders of the Bahamas and I imagine myself to be relaxed and taken far away from reality. However, it's not only the regular peaceful, holiday-esque, hot weather that keeps me gripped, it's the west end, the history, music and culture. It's something different to your ordinary European holiday and one which I'm sure would hold a big place in your heart.

9) Dubai.

Dubai is the capital of abundance. Everything about it speaks out rich and classic, with plenty of remarkable and extraordinary architecture to study. I believe Dubai would be full of adventure, heart warming historical culture, and events to attend. Not to mention, the skyline is incredible. My camera would be worn out on its capturing the character mode.

10) Prague.

I'm always so captivated with the photos of Prague. It has a real warm, elegant, original, and fairytale like feel to it. Like what it would represent if you walked into a postcard, filled with undiscovered secrets and opportunities. It seems very oldy worldly, packed with more history whilst regaining its authentic charm. Obviously, I'm just surmising but this refined city ticks all the right boxes in my eyes. 

And that's just 10 of many. There's a whole random mixture that would complete the equation (Malta, Berlin, Marrakesh, LA just to add a few). But for now, I'm just gonna move on, shake my head full of fantasies and continue to uncover the spectacular places on earth via Google.

Bridie x


  1. I was in New York last summer and it was every bit like it was in the movies! It was so surreal but I completely get what your saying about going there at Christmas. It just looks like it would be so magical! Prague is at the top of my bucket list, it just looks like such a beautiful and enchanting city.

    Eunice Caroline.

  2. You list of places to visit is practically the same as mine. Chuck in New Zealand and South America and I'm there with you! There's so much to see in this world.. Everyone should travel. Xx

  3. I've been to a few of these myself but I would go back back.
    Great picks.

    Jenn from

  4. This list of places are literally my dream too, Paris and New York definitely being at the top. I would also love to visit Orlando my main reason is for the universal studios tehe. And if I went to Amsterdam I bet my instagram would be crazy too ;D

  5. <3333 such amazing post!
    love it


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