Friday, 20 February 2015

Style: what I'd wear to London Fashion Week

So, London Fashion Week kicks off today; the city wide celebration of global style that flocks in people of all individualities. Packed with designer shows, characterised catwalks, and unique street style, it's the ideal place for any fashion lover like me. The only twist being, I'm sat at home embracing my inner slob, creating a list of outfits I would wear for the 5 days of madness whilst the rest of the blogger world (or what seems to be) are parading outside Somerset House. BUT a girl can dream, right? I can't see myself attending LFW anytime soon (mainly due to the blooming distance and expense between the North and the South) but I can still swoon over lots of beautiful winter and spring appropriate clothes with a pinch of lust-worthy high end items thrown into the mix knowing there'll be no fear for my bank balance because only on a white page of my blog they'll stay, right? There's no doubt about it, if the opportunity ever did come up, I'd be on a huge shopping spree, raking in the clobber that 1) matches my personal style but 2) would hopefully make an impression with the public. I'm no out-stander, I certainly wouldn't be the one that has all the media and camera equipment lining up to capture this distinctive, eccentric, out of this world outfit and my style is pretty safe, average and boring compared to other devotees but I just love pre-planning and making wishlists, so that I did.


To kick off the event, I'd definitely roll up in the outfit that represented me best. This means, plenty of simple shades; whites, nudes and stripes with that pure, feminine vibe to the look. I'm really loving bell sleeve items at the moment and thought this basic Zara blouse would pair perfectly with the cute textured skirt and I couldn't not add in a prestigious Olivia Burton watch and dreamy Ted Baker high neck trench to give it that touch of classy chic. The rose gold accessories compliment the modern edge meaning it's not too full on and is an uncomplicated way of showing up in style. 


I don't think you can ever go wrong wearing all monochrome, it's something you can fall back on when you're feeling a little uninspired. You can always rely on colour block monochrome to bring out your motives, and that is to hit the streets with force. I'll never grow out of black and white, it's such an effective double act and I fall in love with many monochrome items every day without fail. This 60's style River Island dress is the ideal main staple piece to show off your approach. Complete with some gorgeous ankle boots, a sophisticated Zara bag, an oversized duster and some huge sunnies, you are well equipped and ready to show off your pins and pretend you're in the movies.


As the weekend fun subsides, settling for jeans is an intelligent option to choose. Not only are they cool and comfortable but you can work them around some minimal garments which produce that sleek no effort - effort image. Wrap over, floaty, chiffon shirts seem to be ever so flattering when paired with a great pair of black jeans and I adore the ribbed texture of this H&M piece. I was being fashion-forward when thinking about this put together outfit, focusing on the accessories to glamourise an outfit. This stunning Whistles faux fur coat would be the statement of the bunch, and clashing beigy nude trappings like a beloved fedora and an essential belt would bring the outfit alive. Add in a must have chain detailed clutch style bag and you have a winner.


Roll necks dresses, kimono sleeve coats and knee high boots, all bang on trend and are bound to allow you to make an entrance when you're now familiar with the crowd. Stepping away from the prints, I'm sticking to my belief that modest is foremost. Light grey is one of my favourite clothing colours, so when I found a high neck dress WITH POCKETS I knew this wouldn't just be easy on the eye but would also be a beneficial choice. The structure of the incredible, fresh belted coat would compliment the straightness in the shape of the dress and the knee high boots (a risk for me which I would be willing to take) would lengthen the aspect of the legs giving you that sexy strut whilst still remaining casual and snug. Then, just to go completely off key, this amazing wide eye bag would finalise the outfit by connecting a dash of vibrant character to your everyday tastes.


Imagine how battered your poor feet must be after being on them 4 days in a row in shoes you don't usually wear. Yep, you got it; blisters and rapid soreness which means flats are the sensible option. Flats don't have to be boring, in fact I think when a straight legged jumpsuit is considered, flat shoes give a refined, elegant element to what would usually be a more dressy possibility. I'm yet to meet a person who dislikes stripes; especially the traditional, navy blue/black and white type. The print of this alluring jumpsuit would highlight the figure, and an invested waterfall camel coat over the top would boost the luxe vibe. Topped with a hat and a similar toned handy bag, it makes the ideal attire for the last day of fun. It really is the little detail that matters.

If there's one thing I love about London Fashion Week, it's the way you can develop, enhance and progress your style in just a few days. I often find myself browsing the street style and the shows that attract my interest really helps with finding myself and where I want to be style-wise. So, that's how I'll be spending my weekend, with my nose in the internet double tapping on Instagram and searching for my fave bloggers, models and celebs. How about you? Will you be staying at home or are you lucky enough to be paying LFW a visit this year?

Bridie x 


  1. These are some cool outfits and my fave is definitely the first since I can see myself wearing it.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  2. Love these outfits, the 4th one is my favorite :)

  3. These outfits are gorgeous, especially like the bag with the eyes, really unique and quirky. Love finding unusual items like that. x


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