Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Style: Polo necks and pinafores

I seriously can't get enough of the sixties vibe that's been injected into the current trends lately. Layering polo necks with pinafore style dresses has become my thing this winter and I'm positively sure it'll see me right through to Spring. Worn alone, pinafore dresses of all cuts are the perfect day to day option but I think assembling a polo neck to the equation makes a classic twist. I'm certainly no Twiggy meets Taylor Swift by all means but I do love throwing together some wardrobe pieces to make a match made in my own ideal (and slightly over indulgent) heaven.

Dress - Urban Outfitters | Polo Neck - Mango | Hat - Primark | Boots - Forever 21

This v neck beauty is one of my favourite current buys. The retro geometric print really compliments a plain under layer, especially with its low shape falling mid chest. I stuck to my beloved black but I think it would work with most colours within range (meaning those bright neons may be too much of an optimistic thought).

Dress - Topshop | Polo Neck - Primark | Hat - Primark | Boots - H&M

This is another dress in my wardrobe that makes me go all heart emoji. As if picking up a £65 dress for £20 in the Topshop sale wasn't accomplishing enough, I found out I can totally pretend I've transformed back in time by adding a plain white roll neck and some similar toned ankle boots. I can't help but think knee high boots would complete the dress and top combination even further, but I never quite joined in with that trend. My stumpy legs and long boots = not a pretty sight.

Dress - Blue Vanilla via New Look | Polo Neck - Mango | Hat - Missguided | Boots - Primark

Burgundy is a colour I'm always comfortable with wearing. For some reason it seems to compliment my outfit decisions wholeheartedly and this diamond print double layered dress kept up to my expectations. It's not your traditional pinnie, it's unusual in the sense it parts at the waist and it has a rounded neckline but I also think it has room for a shirt or a sweater to be popped underneath for that oh so chic finish.

Dress - Primark | Polo Neck - Primark | Hat - Primark | Shoes - Zara

I wore this lovely v neck swing dress back in the summer but there was no stopping me bringing it back out once i'd arrived on track with my polo neck and pinafore paired union idea. To be truthfully honest, this final outfit was a teeny bit out of my comfort zone. I felt as though I represented a school girl but then again it allowed me to bring back out my inner 'I want to dress like an innocent young girl and even ditch the heeled shoes' character dying to get out. I've certainly found my personal style and am much happier dressing more feminine and maturely but old me does bob back in to say hello now and again. 

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable (and bearable) week. My Monday started off on a high as I recovered from meeting some humble celebs on Sunday night (one of whom was Peter Andre; don't get too excited guys, you know he's your guilty pleasure). Today, I'm heading off to a crafts event for the afternoon and I can't wait. It should be fun and something different from the ordinary. I've never really delved into the world of crafts and creations but it's something I'd love to develop a bigger passion for. Be sure to hear all about it soon!

Bridie x


  1. i'm also a fan of making the most of my summer dresses during winter by pairing them with shirts/turtlenecks/jumpers etc. – it's nice to revamp an old wardrobe favourite and fall back in love with it again! i love all the ways you've styled your dresses above but outfits 2 and 4 in particular are lovely! :)

    robyn x

  2. I love all of these outfits! The dresses are gorgeous, and I love how you've styled them! x
    Eden x / edenroses

  3. I love all of these outfits! Number 2 is definitely my fave

    Amy x

  4. All of these outfits are amazing, this style if dress suits you perfectly! :)


  5. you have a lovely blog! definitely channeling the 60s/mod style in these looks :)


  6. I beyond adore this post. All outfits are beautifully put together. I need those beige H&M boots in my life!

    Vanessa xx


  7. Thanks for following me on Twitter, dear. I love finding fellow bloggers :)
    Your styling sense is so beautiful. I would never have thought of layering a pinafore dress with a polo neck top, but it's looks great.

    Do you want to support each other on Bloglovin as well? I'd love to.

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk


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