Friday, 6 February 2015

BEAUTY: Anastasia Brow Wiz vs Soap & Glory Archery

I'm sure everyone and their mother has heard of the uncanny similarities between the Anastasia Brow Wiz and Soap and Glory 2 in 1 Archery Brow Filling but as I've been experimenting with eyebrow pencil after eyebrow pencil and always find myself coming back to these two joint products, I thought I'd have my say.

Starting off with the packaging, they are almost identical. They both have the same twisty mechanism, a small taming brush at one end and a thin, neat pencil at the other. In terms of size, they both deliver a slim, compact sized pencil which are pretty much the same length. The practical pair have an extremely similar formula; a solid, smooth waxy type which makes it easy to build up a natural brow shape by creating fine hair strokes.

I can't say I've noticed or particularly pinpointed a singular feature that is a huge variation between the two. They are both buildable and blend swiftly and steadily so suit those people with thin to thick brows. For my sparse and unshapely brows, they both do the same; allow a fuss free application and give me the eyebrows I desire. The only big difference between the couple is the colour choice and the price. Despite Soap & Glory being a bargain dupe at £8 compared to the £15.50 Brow Wiz, the shade selection is poor. With only two shades (Blondshell and Hot Chocolate) it lets the concept of the pencil down. If there was a shade in-between that, it would be perfect and most probably, the most preferred (due to the little difference, the fact it's cheaper and that it seems to last me longer than the brow wiz which has snapped on me a fair few times). As I have non existent hair where my eyebrow shape begins, I need to add a larger dash of colour to that part and sometimes with the Soap & Glory it can look too heavy for my face. With the Brow Wiz shade range, it makes it simpler to match my eyebrow tone and I do think it has the slighter push pigment wise meaning a bolder brow with a natural colour match. I wouldn't say I have a favourite as they are equally as effective and can even be used together but if, like me, you're lacking in eyebrow hair, due to the 12 shade colour choice, I'd go for the Brow Wiz.

Have you tried either of these? What are your thoughts?



  1. I have never tried an eyebrow pencil as I always use a shadow and an eyebrow brush but I might have to try the S&G pencil to begin with as it looks like such a simple way to do your brows.


  2. Lovely post, i've been dying to try Anastasia brow wiz for ages now!! <3

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