Thursday, 8 January 2015

What I wore: You Me Oui

T-Shirt - OASAP | Shorts - H&M | Jacket - Primark | Boots - Primark


First up, you may have noticed a slight name change on my blog. I finally stepped up my game and purchased my very own domain. Now I feel all professional and swanky and just need a new design to go with it (which I'm currently working towards and will let you all know when it's done). I feel as though the final goal for me is to stop taking the easy way out and only travel half a metre to the door to capture some outfit snaps. My back garden and its brick wall just don't do it for me but it's so difficult trying to change and add more variety to such a small area, sigh. Anyhow, on to the outfit itself. It was just a quick photographing session this time which explains the scraped back hair and unparalleled rolled up sleeves (gawd, little things like that really do pester me when I only realise AFTER I've uploaded them). I know I said I'm trying to stay away from heavily patterned items but a simple, monochrome piece can go a long way and I just adore how it adds so much eye for detail on top of a plain layer (and the fact it's from Primark, such a style steal!). I do love a good French quoted tee too but I don't think I quite make a Parisian, yet!

P.S. If this happens to pop up on your bloglovin feed do let me know. My blog has been changed to my domain but I'm not sure if my followers are still seeing my posts. All this technical stuff complicates my little brain way too much.

Bridie x


  1. Yes this came up on my Bloglovin' feed so it must be working fine :)
    Love the jacket hun, is it current season?

    Claire, Style Affinity

  2. Lovely post and dont worry you can't be as bad as me technical wise, i'm still utter stuck on my blog template haha!

  3. congrats on your domain bridie! an lovely outfit as usual!
    (: Anna

  4. You just have that perfect messy hair going on, simply love it :)

  5. I absolutely love this outfit! And I feel your pain with he background for outfit posts, I've not posted any myself yet as I have no whre to take them, in which I like the background! x

  6. Gorgeous outfit. Cannot believe that jacket is from Primark, it's so lovely x


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